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Many have asked why I have not indicated, eagle, globe and anchor, rather than just "GLOBE and ANCHOR," implying that I have erred. No error, it reads as I intended. Apparently unknown to most Marines of today, there was a time in the Corps when Marines referred to their emblem (EMBLEM, not "ega"--but that's yet another story) as simply the "Globe and Anchor," and there are still some old timers and writers around who use the term. There are many writings available, most of them older writings, but some more recent, where you will find this. One of the best examples of this, perhaps, may be--and there are many more--a quote in the recent book by Colonel Jon T. Hoffman, USMCR, Chesty. It reads as follows:
"Colonel Robert D. Heinl, the premier historian of the Old Corps and a former subordinate of Puller, believed that Chesty was one of the greatest raconteurs that ever wore the Globe and Anchor."
(Random House, 2001, Preface, page xi)

Globe and Anchor was still a common expression even in this old boot's first days in the Corps of the early 1950s. (I find the term similar to the term used by the Royal Marines for their emblem, known as the Globe and Laurel). Matter of fact, I do not recall our emblem being specifically referred to as an eagle, globe and anchor until the very late 1950s or early '60s, on TV recruiting promotions, ads, etc. To be sure, the popular term has now become eagle, globe and anchor, and considered by the majority to be the correct term, and, apparently, anything else being incorrect in their eyes. Not this Marine, as always, I'll fall in w/the old salts. Besides, "Globe and Anchor" has a fine ring to it, it clicks!

Gunny G's Marines Sites & Forums are intended to be informational in nature, and are Old Corps, History, individual-Marine, and fact oriented. Sites have been created with Old-Timers in mind, but are open to all. Content and topics here reflect solely the opinions, interests, and choices of this webmaster; therefore, viewer approval has not been my prime consideration here.

Website awards not accepted; none imposed on others--likewise, webrings are not subscribed to, links not exchanged, etc. (Please do not request that your link be added here, I've been down that road before). You may, if you wish, add your Marines-related site to my Add-Your-Site page which I have provided for that purpose. Permission to link my sites to yours, all or in part, will likely be granted upon request, provided they are linked only and not copied or altered in any way, and with full credit provided. All material protected by copyright!

All forums are interactive, but posting on some may be moderated. Most GyG Forums, however, are completely open to exchange of messages between posters, etc.

Here's a couple GyG bugaboos that may need some explanation before we proceed any further. Please note the absence on Gunny G's of the so-called OohRah, otherwise loosely and frequently used elsewhere! The original (not as now known--but quite different) was once unique to just one certain Marine unit in the early 1950s, but is now claimed by all hands, most of whom know nothing of its origin and original meaning, as was the case with Gung Ho before it. I liken this as somewhat akin to a sister-service's policy of recent years, awarding certain distinctive headgear to all, rather than as formerly restricted to its rightful special unit owners. Conversely, in our own camp, the once coveted field hat (otherwise referred to as the "campaign hat") worn by all Marines until WWII, and removed from service entirely about 1943, is now authorized/issued again, but only to selected Marines. Something to think about.

Nor will you see here any of the now constantly overdone references to the "Marine brotherhood," as commonly seen elsewhere. Once reserved for and spoken only on solemn occasions, with a few appropriate exceptions, the word brother is now much too frequently and unduly invoked in casual conversation. So much so, I think, that it is profaned and cheapened by constant reference, both written and spoken. Yes, the Marine brotherhood is real, and brothers certainly know who they are, intuitively, and neither they themselves nor the Corps are honored by such loudmouth, repititious vanities; in fact, quite the contrary. True brothers do not routinely and publicly ooze such drivel to one another as is now common, and this must be obvious to anyone viewing Marines messageboards/sites across the Internet, etc.!

There's more, enough for now.

Gunny G's Marines Sites & Forums may be seen as a stockpile of collected, little-known, controversial, or even denied facts. It is not for all, and some people just can't handle the truth. Suggest you take what you can bear, and pass by the rest; otherwise, move on there's nothing here for you to see.

Due to excessive spam, I am blocking my e-mail from all but pre-selected individuals, therefore, you may very well be unsuccessful in your attempt to reach me via e-mail--so please do not e-mail me at E-Mail addresses previously shown on any of these Gunny G pages--You may contact me, if necessary, by posting a message at Gunny G's Old Salt Marines Tavern Interactive!Click-Here!!!!!
Such posts are not publicly viewable unless/until approved by Gunny G. In the event you do not wish your post permanently posted once read by me, please so state in your post.

Gunny G's Marines Sites & Forums are not "approved" by any entity, governmental or otherwise, nor is such approval sought or desired. Not responsible for posts of others.

Illegitimus Non Carborundum

Semper Fidelis, Marines!
Dick Gaines

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as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man"
-William Shakespeare


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