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Articles By
Lt. Col. Tom McKenney USMC (Ret.)


The following is a series of articles written by Tom McKenney and published in Citizens' Intelligence Digest, the Newsletter of Citizens for Honest Government.


Citizens' Intelligence Digest

October 1996 Issue

Subject: October Colonel's Corner
by Lt. Col. Tom McKenney, (USMC, Ret)
Since my participation in the publication of the book The Clinton Chronicles, I have gotten to know
retired Col. Eugene Holmes, the ROTC Commander to whom Bill Clinton lied in the summer of
1969 in his last dishonest maneuver to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. Col. Holmes
and I have become close friends, and he is one of the finest men I have ever known.
You may remember that, after promising Col. Holmes that he would immediately enroll at the
University of Arkansas and after being admitted to the ROTC program there, Clinton quickly left for
England, without a word to Col. Holmes, to organize anti-American demonstrations there.
After drawing a high number in the draft lottery that assured him of protection from the draft, Clinton
wrote that now-infamous letter to Col. Holmes in which he admitted that he had lied, that he "loathed
the military," and that he admired those who had refused to fight for their country. The Clinton camp
thought that all copies of that letter had been destroyed, but one survived. It may be found in
Appendix A of The Clinton Chronicles book.
More than once, Col. Holmes has told me the story of another young Arkansas man of the Sixties,
one who stands in stark contrast to Bill Clinton and one for whom Col. Holmes still grieves. His name
was Tim Johnson.
Tim was an outstanding student in the ROTC unit, and because of this he had his choice of duties
when he graduated. Because Tim had a wife and two small children, Col. Holmes advised him to
choose a branch of service less dangerous than the infantry.
But Tim stood at attention and replied, "No, sir! I'm going all the way, sir! Infantry, airborne, special
forces, sir!"
A few months after graduation - Col. Holmes says it seemed like only a few days - Tim was killed in
Vietnam and Col. Holmes was attending his funeral. Col. Holmes wishes he had never met Bill
Clinton. But his heart still aches for young Tim. 

Citizens' Intelligence Digest
October 1996 Issue
The Manchurian President: Bill Clinton's
China Connection
By Lt. Colonel T.C. McKenney, USMC (Ret.)
There is something strange and profoundly important going on between Bill Clinton and the People's
Republic of China (which is still called Red China by many of us military types).
To begin with there is China's "Most Favored Nation" trade status, recently renewed. This in the face
of China's slaughter of demonstrators in Tiananmen Square (with still no word of regret); the ongoing
imprisonment, torture and execution of those with "dangerous" views (free speech, democratic
government, etc.); and her ongoing policy of forced abortion.
In fact, Red China - where pregnant women are forced to have abortions up to term, are involuntarily
sterilized, and may be imprisoned, tortured and murdered for being pregnant more than once - has
the worst record of human rights violations on Earth.
And then there is the matter of patented technology, stolen by Red China's espionage apparatus on
an ongoing basis. Clinton's unbelievable response? He directed the U.S. Patent Office to turn over to
China its entire data base! What was his expressed rationale for this utterly irrational act? "Now we
won't have to wonder which secrets they have stolen."
But even more unbelievable, and more dangerous, is the export of our most advanced naval
technology to Red China.
There is in Washington, D.C., a group called the Generals' and Admirals' Mess. It is a regular
gathering of officers (both active duty and retired) of flag rank. They meet regularly, have dinner
together, discuss military and political affairs, and hear invited, high-level speakers.
Shortly before his suicide death last year, Admiral Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, was the
speaker for the flag officers' mess. In his speech, Boorda reported proudly that our advanced naval
technology - highly classified secret information for which a foreign nation would pay millions, and for
which any spy would kill - is being voluntarily given to Red China!
After the CNO's speech was concluded, Major General John K. Singlaub, USA (Ret.), amazed and
horrified, approached the admiral and expressed disbelief. After all, China is a sworn enemy of our
nation and all that we represent, and is the only nation on Earth with the power to be an actual threat
to our existence.
Under certain circumstances, it may be justifiable to share such secret technology with an Allied
Nation such as Great Britain. But to give it to an enemy nation is suicidal madness, and an act of
treason for which a member of the Armed Forces or a private citizen could be executed.
According to General Singlaub, when he asked Admiral Boorda how such a thing could be justified,
the admiral smiled uneasily and said, "It is the President's ... the administration's policy."
Nothing in the Clinton administration "just happens," and I assure you that nothing of significance
happens (at least not more than once) without the knowledge and personal approval of Clinton
himself. Nothing.
Just what is Bill Clinton up to where Red China is concerned? This is perhaps the most important
question of this day, and one that has gone unasked by the establishment media. 
Citizens' Intelligence Digest
July 1997 Issue
Freedom Isn't Free
By Lt. Col. Tom McKenney (USMC, Ret.)
The battle for Okinawa, fought from April through June of 1945, was the last major battle of World
War II. It was also the bloodiest battle of the Pacific campaign. The highest ranking American to die
in the war, Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, the overall commander, was killed in the
closing days of the battle.
There was a good reason for the protracted ferocity of the fighting. The Japanese knew that if they
couldn't hold Okinawa, the war was lost. The Japanese have a word for an all-or-nothing situation
upon which everything else depends: tenozan. They applied this term to their defense of Okinawa
and fought to the death there with unprecedented ferocity.
The American landing at mid-island on the west coast was unopposed. It was 1 April, which
happened to be both Easter Sunday and April Fools Day. Both were portents of what was to come:
the unexpected ease of the push northward, and the bloody nightmare that was the push south.
Americans clearing the northern half of the island moved rapidly, encountering generally light
resistance. A few pockets of heavy fighting yielded surprisingly few casualties. But one of those made
hearts heavy around the world. The beloved war correspondent Ernie Pyle, who had covered both
the European and Pacific theaters, was killed in the capture of the small island of Ie Shima off the
northwest coast.
Meanwhile, the Navy suffered terrible losses offshore due to desperation Kamikaze attacks by
Japanese suicide bombers. As the Marines moved up the coast, they found the beaches awash with
the bodies of dead American sailors. It was the costliest naval battle in U.S. history.
When the northern half of the island was secured, the Marine and Army divisions turned southward
and immediately met ferocious, well-coordinated resistance. It was the beginning of a bloodbath.
                           Struggle for Sugarloaf Hill
Among the most fiercely defended of the Japanese strongholds in the south was a group of three low
hills, mutually supporting and honeycombed with deep tunnels. The key hill in the center looked
something like a loaf of bread. In the following desperate days, the Marines came to call it Sugarloaf.
The open, rolling terrain approaching Sugarloaf became a killing field. For almost a week, Marines
fought across the bloody valley and up the front slope of Sugarloaf, only to die there or be driven
back by by intense supporting fire from the other two hills and counterattacks out of the tunnels on
Sugarloaf's reverse slope.
A microcosm of the violence and horror that was the battle for southern Okinawa was the experience
on Sugarloaf of one lanky young Marine from Illinois, Corporal Jim Day, a squad leader in George
Company of the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Marines.
During those brutal, bloody days and nights, squads, platoons and companies simply ceased to exist.
Individual officers, sergeants and corporals gathered anyone around them who was able to walk,
regardless of unit, and organized them into ad hoc squads and platoons to attack what was before
them. When a man's weapon was disabled, the weapons of the dead were picked up and used - and
there was no shortage of extra weapons.
                              Volunteers for Hell
On 14 May, the call came for volunteers to assist Fox Company, positioned on George's right flank
and badly shot up. Cpl. Day and Pvt. Dale Bertoli responded and moved into position northwest of
But instead of Fox Company, they found mostly dead Marines there. A mortally wounded lieutenant
asked Day to take six replacements, just arrived from the rear, and occupy a what he knew would
be a key position: a bomb crater on the right slope of Sugarloaf.
Day and Bertoli took the new men and moved out. One man was killed before they could reach the
bomb crater. Once inside the crater, Day and his men immediately came under a heavy ground
attack accompanied by artillery fire. In this initial attack four of the new men were killed; the other
was wounded but lived to be evacuated later.
It was the beginning of four days and three nights of uninterrupted hell in and around that bomb
After the inital attack, Bertoli was struck down with dengue fever and could not function, even to
throw grenades. Cpl. Day fought on alone. Hearing wounded Marines crying for help to his rear, Day
left the crater, moved through heavy fire and found four. One by one, he brought them to the relative
safety of the crater, and then went back for their machine gun and ammunition.
All four of them were subsequently killed in the crater. McDonald, the wounded gunner, was killed
by cannon fire while helping Day fire the machine gun during a heavy attack. The same round
destroyed the gun and wounded Day in both hands, and he was again fighting alone.
Four four days and three nights, Day held the right flank of Sugarloaf alone against unremitting
infantry and artillery attacks. He was wounded in both hands, the legs and the groin. During the entire
time, he had no artillery or air support, for he had no radio.
Although Bertoli couldn't help in the fight, he refused to leave Day. Delirious from pain and fever, and
incontinent, Bertoli stayed by him until the end.
                               Counting the Cost
When Sugarloaf was finally secured on 17 May, there were found in the crater 8 dead Marines -
their bodies literally blown to bits by artillery and mortar fire - and 12 dead Japanese. The bottom of
the muddy crater was filled with blood, mixed with water from the intermittent cold rain; body parts
floated in it.
On the rim of the crater, and stretching for 70 yards to the front, were more than 100 dead Japanese.
The air was heavy with the smells of death and decomposing bodies.
Recently I spoke with Jim Day about what it was like that last day in the crater of death, 52 years
ago. Now retired Major General Day, ever the master of understatement when speaking about
himself, replied, "Tom, it was not a pleasant place to be."
By the time Sugarloaf was secured, the hill had been blasted into a lifeless, rocky moonscape.
Heroes, most of whom were never recorded; outstanding leaders, struck down in their prime; and
countless ordinary kids, terrified but fighting on, had soaked it red with their blood.
In the ferocity of the combat, Day's platoon leader was killed, and the platoon leader who replaced
him was also killed. His company commander was wounded and evacuated. Even his battalion
executive officer, battalion commander and regimental commander were all killed.
In the closing days of the campaign, far south of Sugarloaf, Dale Bertoli rejoined the fighting and gave
his life for his country. Jim Day was grievously wounded and medevac'd.
No, freedom isn't free. Only God, and those who have paid the price for it, really know its
unspeakable cost. 
Citizens' Intelligence Digest
September/October 1997 Issue
America's Second War for Independence
By Lt.Col. Tom McKenney, (USMC, Ret,)
The underlying globalist agenda of the media elite has surfaced in the History Channel's ongoing
series "Year By Year." In this series' piece on the year 1943, they used old film footage in the
"newsreel" format, as if we were actually seeing and hearing newsreels from 1943. The style, and
even the voice of the narrator, were very convincing.
But one fatal flaw revealed that these "newsreels" were faked. In describing the actions of our troops
in the battles of 1943, in every case the narrator referred to American or Allied troops as "United
Nations" forces.
What's wrong with doing this? Simply the fact that there was no United Nations in 1943. It didn't
exist until after the war was over, in late 1945! Perhaps the UN existed in the hearts and minds of the
globalists, but we the people had never heard of it at that time.
Why, then, would Roger Mudd and company commit such a transparent act of dishonest journalism?
It is clearly their intention to rewrite history so as to condition us to think positively of the UN.
You see, most Americans today are too young to remember WWII, but the popular perception is
that it was a "good" war - a clear-cut battle of good versus evil, a war against the tyranny of Hitler,
Hirohito and company, fought for the freedom of the world.
Therefore, if people can be indoctrinated to think the Allied victory was a UN victory, then the UN
gains credibility and acceptance that it doesn't deserve. But why do this . . . what's going on here?
Read on.
The American Revolution, our War for American Independence, was fought from 1775 to 1783.
The result was independence for the British colonies in America, and the founding of our nation as a
unique democratic republic. At a tremendous cost of blood and individual sacrifice, our new nation
emerged free and independent.
"So what?" you may be thinking, "doesn't every school boy and girl know this?" No, sad to relate,
every school boy and girl does not know this. Their grandparents probably knew these things, for
they were taught them at home and in school. In some cases, this also applies to their parents. But for
a generation or two now, facts and principles concerning our national history have quietly
disappeared from history books and public schools.
Many children today will not only know nothing of "Washington's Farewell Address," they may know
little or nothing about Washington himself. They will not know of Jefferson's proverb, "That
government is best, which governs least," nor of Patrick Henry's flaming words, "Give me liberty or
give me death!"
Worse still, they are being taught a distorted worldview that sees independence, national pride and
patriotism as bad things that must be stamped out, indeed must be abolished if ever we are to have
peace and social progress in the world.
Meanwhile, there is a growing army of powerful political and social manipulators whose dream is
establishment of a One-World Government under the United Nations. These bankers, bureaucrats,
publishers and political leaders work tirelessly to bring about the emergence of one "global village,"
under the benevolent single power represented by the UN.
The result is a rapidly growing acceptance of U.S. participation in UN goals and programs, and a
tendency to surrender control of our foreign and domestic policies to the UN. While our
ever-weakening Armed Forces are increasingly placed under foreign UN generals in meddling
"peace-keeping" operations around the world, our State and Interior departments rush to surrender
vast areas of our national parks, national forests and private property to "biosphere reserves" under
UN control.
But what, many wonder, could be wrong with a World Government? Wouldn't it assure World
The globalists will argue that as long as individual nations have independence, freedom and power,
they will fight with one another and there will be wars with their attendant suffering. By contrast, a
World Government would retain all the power (tanks, guns, etc.) and would enforce peace, putting
an end to wars. Individual nations and their citizens would be disarmed.
Other "benefits" would include rescuing the environment from contamination by limiting human
population and forcibly excluding people from vast areas of what are now state and national parks,
private homes, farms and ranches. The wealth of the rich nations would be taken and distributed to
the poor nations, eliminating poverty.
This is what they will argue.
But there are inherent, necessary consequences of such a global utopia. The essential ingredient in
this recipe for peace and justice is the surrender of national sovereignty.
This would mean (literally) nullifying the Constitution and snuffing out the American dream of
individual freedom and unlimited opportunity to learn and achieve. It would almost certainly mean the
end of our rights, as Americans, to own property, have the children God gives us, keep and bear
arms, assemble, speak and write our opinions, freely exercise our religious beliefs, etc. There would
necessarily be a UN Police Force (a "Global Gestapo") without the limitations of police power now
afforded us by the Bill of Rights.
The globalist will reply that such a World Government could offer the very same guarantees of
personal freedom that our Founding Fathers codified in our American founding documents. And this
is true . . . theoretically. But the worldview of leading globalist thinkers is decidedly socialistic -
antithetical to the thinking of our Founding Fathers.
The obvious and insoluble problem here is that if such an all-powerful global government should not
be so inclined, there would be no recourse for the member nations (let alone individual citizens) when
wrongs occur. Individual nations would have no more ability to change their conditions for the better
than did the individual "republics" of the Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin or Gorbachev.
In short, there is this one fatal flaw in the idea of a global government: it would be an instant
totalitarian government, with ALL the power, unchallenged on the Earth. The nature of man and the
history of civilization argue conclusively that totalitarian governments do not nurture and preserve
freedom; rather, they limit and crush it.
Such a World Government would have no more assurance of individual freedoms than did those of
Nero, Ghengis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Saddam Hussein. That kind of power has never failed
to produce that kind of corruption and abuse. Tyrants, once in power, don't voluntarily relinquish
their power; they protect and reinforce it.
No, the degree to which our national sovereignty is surrendered to the authority of the UN is the
degree to which our hope of freedom is gone, most likely forever. It is as simple, and as serious, as
that. And if we the people don't rise up and stop the process, this is exactly where we are headed.
As the global establishment has grown stronger, and as knowledge of our nation's history and
traditions has been progressively diluted, global government is increasingly seen as a noble concept
and patriotism as unenlightened, reactionary and dangerous.
With increasing approval, the globalists have brought their once secret agenda out into the open.
Things that were once spoken only in private corporate boardrooms, and in the guarded secret
meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations, are beginning to be spoken publicly.
Two examples will illustrate this change.
Strobe Talbot is Bill Clinton's long-time friend. He is pro-Soviet, has lived many years in Russia, and
was Clinton's fellow anti-American activist during the Vietnam War. A former Newsweek editor,
Talbot became Clinton's Ambassador-at-Large to the former USSR.
In 1993, the World Federalist Association presented Talbot with its Norman Cousins Global
Governance Award, for advancing the cause of global government. In a letter to the Association,
President Clinton expressed glowing approval of the award, writing (on White House stationery),
"Norman Cousins worked for world peace and World Government;" Clinton also wished the
Association "future success."
A more recent example of this "out of the closet" globalism is Walter Cronkite, pipe-smoking pundit
emeritus at CBS-TV, selected in a recent poll as one of the "most trusted" men in America. In a
Time magazine interview, Cronkite said that "nations need to see the light and give up sovereignty . . .
it's necessary for One-World Government, and the only thing that will prevent global war." What
could be more plain?
Are we happy and satisfied with our current government, the Clinton White House and the
Republican Congress? Of course not! Most of us feel threatened by the former and betrayed by the
But blessed be God, and thanks to the visionary wisdom of our Founding Fathers, there is still the
possibility of change. If ever we give up our national sovereignty, that possibility will be gone.
Citizens' Intelligence Digest
January/February Issue
Dreams and the Freedom to Choose
By Lt. Col. Tom McKenney (USMC, Ret.)
The change agents of the Globalist Left continue to launch assaults on our constitutional system and
its freedoms.
Lincoln observed that "the beliefs and values of this generation's classroom will become the policies
of the next generation's government."
The radical Left has gained virtually complete control of the public schools (and the Education
Colleges that train their teachers) and is turning them into indoctrination centers for global socialism,
moral relativism and New Age paganism: in short, for the New World Order.
Emphasis on learning basic subjects has been replaced with self-esteem and politically correct
attitudes. Challenging for individual excellence is out; mediocrity and group work are in. The goal is
for everyone to be the same. Independent thinking and initiative are out; the herd mentality and
"group solutions" are in.
Correct spelling and grammar are out; make-up-your-own is in. Well-educated teachers, imparting
knowledge gained over many years, are out; the kids teach each other. In fact, teachers are no longer
teachers (really); they are now just "facilitators," allowing the children to teach themselves things they
don't know.
God, of course, is out; spirit guides and Gaia, the Earth goddess, are in.
                               It's About Control.
Ultimately, it's all about control of the children to indoctrinate them. That's why educrats want to start
them before kindergarten - teaching certificates are now being issued in education colleges for
"Newborn through Primary."
That is why they want year-round schools, serving breakfast as well as lunch, and school-based
"health" clinics with condoms, birth control pills and abortion referrals. The family (you remember, a
father, mother and some children, living together in a house) is an outdated concept. The children are
now "commodities," to be raised by the "village."
Our traditional system consisted of three levels of education: elementary (grade school), secondary
(high school), and higher (college/university). It has worked well, despite the experimentation of
educational bureaucrats, relentlessly trying to "fix" something that wasn't broken. But lately a new
term is being used by educrats: you will be hearing of something called "post-secondary" education.
When I first heard the term, I thought it must be just another trendy expression. "Post" is merely Latin
for "after"; therefore, post-secondary education merely means education that occurs after high
school. And that just means college, right?
Wrong. It doesn't mean that anymore. What it does mean is perhaps the most sinister threat to our
traditional liberty yet launched by the New World Order socialists.
                         The European "Track" System.
The plan is to assign children to educational "tracks," preparing them for future work careers, chosen
for them by elitist bureaucrats. The tracks will be assigned very early, with children monitored from
birth. The vast majority will be placed on a track that will lead to non-academic vocational training -
to put it simply, factory work, construction, etc.
A small number, undoubtedly children of the controlling elite, will be placed on the track for
academic education leading to college, thus becoming the controlling elite for the next generation.
This is the European tradition, with its caste system of peasants and aristocrats, with little upward
mobility. Once a peasant, always a peasant.
Post-secondary is actually vocational education, but not college or university. Plainly put, it means
trade school. And this is the reason for the current effort to remove Kentucky's Community Colleges
from the University of Kentucky, for which they have been feeder schools.
Genuine community colleges are a threat. You see, as long as we ordinary people have access to
accredited, two-year colleges in our own communities, then genuine higher education is within our
reach. We can then go on to complete a degree at a four-year university.
So, their remedy is to remove the community colleges from the state university system. From
academic institutions offering the freshman and sophomore years of college, they would become
trade/technical schools, preparing the tracked workers for their assigned fields.
But how would children be assigned to a specific track? Simple: the needs of area industries would
determine these assignments to "the workforce." Everyone would be a part of the planned society,
serving the planned economy, controlled by the government.
If this reminds you of Hitler and Stalin, you are perceptive. Under those dictatorships, only the
children of the privileged few were allowed university education; the masses of peasants were
controlled by the work permit, and by the Gestapo/KGB. If you did not obey, you got no work
permit, which meant no job, and you became a beggar or a criminal.
The work permit is already becoming a reality here in America, through our radicalized public school
system. It is called the "Certificate of Initial Mastery." If our high school children don't demonstrate
politically correct attitudes and collectivist values, they cannot obtain a certificate. Without a CIM
they will not be able to get a job; thus the CIM becomes the work permit of Hitler or Stalin. The
modern Gestapo/KGB is already taking shape in the form of Clinton's National Police.
                         Key Words and Catch Phrases.
Related key words and catch phrases include "workforce" and "school-to-work."
Workforce will be the mass of peasants, told what line of work they will follow. School-to-work just
refers to the locked-in track system which will railroad each child into an assigned future.
Now, whenever you hear the need to revamp our educational system to accommodate the economy,
you will know that you are really hearing slick propaganda for pervasive government control
reminiscent of George Orwell's Big Brother.
What is lost in such a managed society? The most precious loss is personal freedom, especially the
freedom to become whatever we can dream, whatever our abilities and desire will allow us to
No longer would an Abraham Lincoln be able to work his way out of a dirt-floor log cabin and into
the White House. No longer would a George Washington Carver be able to climb up from slavery to
become a world-changing scientist and educator.
And more important still, the will of God and His plan for our individual lives would be found
nowhere in the process.
Yes, it really is this serious and this real, and it is already underway. If we don't know about it, if we
don't pray, if we don't act, we have no chance to stop it.
But now you know. 

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My thanks to Lt. Col. Tom McKenney, USMC Ret. for his kind permission in allowing me to present his writings on this website.
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