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Mail Call USMC!
By Gunny Gaines
Search For Old Buddies--Information--Questions To Forums, etc.
(Formerly listed as Find Old Buddies on MainPage)

MailCall USMC/Forums, etc. is intended as an extensive listing of numerous
Message Boards and related search/information sites that may assist you in
searching for the Marine you are looking for.
(12/16/99) This MailCall USMC website has been online for nearly two years now.
I continue to receive daily e-mails from those requesting search information who have clearly not bothered to first read this page! Again, I do NOT conduct searches for others! The information listed here is soley for those who are willing to do the work for themselves; I have no "secrets" as to finding people--all I know is already on this page! If you don't want to do the work yourself, there are always those 1-800 numbers who advertise on the popular media as well as the WWW.  I know nothing of them except they want bucks. Presumably, they also need a minimun of information to start with, e.g. social security #, date of birth, name, etc.--something most seem to be in the dark about, judging from the  e-mail I receive.
General Suggestions:
1. For information regarding locating/contacting active duty, retired, discharged Marines, service records requests, etc, please go to the HQMC Association's
"How To Locate Old Friends and Other Useful Information"
(Click Here)
2. If previous units/locations are known (e.g. 1stMarine Division, Guadalcanal, Peleliu,
Chosin, etc.) please check the 'Associations,' and the 'Reunions' pages, and the pages
with corresponding titles. If unit/location not known, 'see service records request,' above.
3. Scan and sign GuestBooks, Message Boards, Forums, etc. Post your search on
several boards to maximize your chances of success.
4. Many websites have extensive 'Contact Information' already listed (e.g. Pop-A-Smoke,
Guadalcanal Online, Peleliu Tribute Page, The Chosin Few, HQMC Association, etc.)
5. Be thorough and don't give up; you will be successful.
6. I neither conduct searches for others nor do I maintain personnel listings, don't ask!; I merely
provide the means for you to search for yourself. The presence of these hyperlinks here
does not constitute my personal endorsement of any site.
7. If you know of a site that you think should be listed here, or if you wish to list your
own Message Board here, please notify me.
8. I have made no attempt to categorize this listing of links
(I find that categorization itself tends to exclude) therefore, the link that proves
most useful to you may appear anywhere on this listing.
9. Many hours of  work and  thought have gone into the pages linked here; if these pages have been useful to you please acknowledge by signing the various GuestBooks
on each site and/or e-mail the particular webmaster.
Thank You
Old Salt Marines Of The 1930/40/'50/60s!
(Click Here)
A forum exclusively for old time Marines, as indicated by the title. All old timers are
invited to participate . Entries are maintained for 60 days before deletion; please
re-post if desired.

Inside The Web (Click Here).Free Message Boards! 

The following is a partial-listing of Marine-related Message Boards and allied information available on the Internet.
Note: The appearance here of the following hyperlinks does not constituteendorsement by Gunny G's WebSite.

There is no ONE centralized Message Board/Locator system on the Internet, official or otherwise, notwithstanding what some may
think or say; therefore, you may wish to consider posting on several boards below so as to maximize your chances of the intended party finding your message.  

MailCall USMC Forum!
An Extension of Mail Call USMC!
By Gunny G!!!
Marines Forum: The Damn Few! (GyG's)
The Marine Guest Book (Recommend ALL Marines Check-In Here)
MarineMsgCtr-Missing Marines
Marine Open Message Forum II
Messageboard for the Military
Forum: Old Salt Marines Of The 1930/40/'50s!
Gunny G's USMC Msgs/Locator
Gunny G's USMC Postal MOS
(0160/0161 Msg/Locator)
Gunny G's USMC Forum
Gunny G's Yahoo Club
GyG's-The Sayonara Marines-Japan 1950s...
Find/Seek Old Buddies-USMC/Locator
Ahoy Marines! Old-Timers Where-R-U?
What Ever Happened To...USMC???
Marines-Re-United--Find Old Buddies!
Free Web Discussions
Dunc's Bulletin Board
 Semper Fi Lost Buddies
Lost Buddy Locator
Dan Marsh's Marine Raider Talk
Communication Area- Marines 1/5/1-Snipers USMC/Vietnam Vets
HQMC Association
(HQMC Association Helpful Info)
American WWII Orphans Network (AWON)
Guadalcanal Online (Contact Info)
A Marine Diary: My Experiences On Guadalcanal (GB)
Dunc's Page (WWII Pacific (MsgBd/GB)
From Butte To Iwo Jima/GB
William E. O'Brien USMC (Palau)
Peleliu Tribute Page (Peleliu Vets Check-In)
Brothers In Battle (Peleliu)
Pearl Harbor Survivor Assn. (PHSA)
G-2-23 Fighting Fourth (Check-In Here)
81mm Mortars, 3rdBn, 1stMarines WWII-China-Peleliu (Roster/GB)
My USMC Memoirs (WWII Pacific) 
 WWII Mailing List-- ( An e-mail discussion list.)
To subscribe: (Type the word Subscribe in subject line),
(Type the words SUBscribe WWII-L <your name> in body of e-mail)

WWII Vets Search Page
The Institute on WWII and the Human Experience
The Chosin Few-Member E-Mail List/GB
Korean War Forum/Message Board
Korean War HP/Directory/Organizations (Search/List Yourself)
Korean War Search/MsgBd
USMC-Korean War Project
Korean War MIA/POW-Help Desk
WWII-US Vets WebSite
U.S.M.C. Lost & Found
USMC Jarhead Network
Sgt Grit's Marine Corps Forums, etc.
Marines Lost&Found/BB
The China Marine Assn.
The Fourth Marines In China, 1927-1941
VMSB-343/China 1945
H.C.Heinrichs/China 1945
VMCJ-1 MAG-33/Korea 1952-53
USMC Associations (Find Your Outfit)
Marine Corps Associations
1st Marine Division Assn
H-3-5 Marines-Korea/Newsletter
I-3-7 Marines (Contact Rick Suarez)
C-1-23 4thMarDiv WW II
2nd Marine Division Assn
3rd Marine Division Assn
6thMarine Division Website
1st Marine Air Wing Assn
Marine Corps Aviation Assn.
 Gray Ghost Squadron: VMFA-531
MarCor Air Transposrt Assn.(MCATA)
Welcome To 22nd Marines
Forum: Annals of Military Aviation-MsgBd, etc.
Drill Instructors Association

Old Time Marines Vs. Computers?
Amid speculation that old time Marines are NOT computer friendly, thus the reason so few old timers are involved on the Net, the following information is offered. Did you know that you can buy an inexpensive WebTV (for instance) and get on the Internet? And, you can get a free webpage at, e.g., The Express Page, and put up your own Marine WebSite in just minutes--no experience needed! Anybody can do it--I did!  
The Rant MsgBd
Rant & Rave MsgBd
MSNBC Bulletin Bds
The Seeker Reuniting....(radio,etc.)
Missing Persons CyberCenter
Find People
(USMC/VietNam Helo Assn)
The Hooch (HMM-164)
Vietnam Vets MsgBd
WAE Message Boards
Memorial Wall Guestbook
Vet Net Message Ctr
AGWVA Bulletin Board
BBS Forum for Vets
USMC Devil Dog Ooh-Rah Board
American Veteran Search BB/GB
Marine Locator Service
USMC Forever Guestbook
Khe Sanh Vets
Military Reunions (Check Your Outfit)
USMC Reunions
Faces On The Wall
Locating Marines
Military USA/Locating Veterans
Nat'l Archives/Records Admin
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Nat'l Personnel Records Center
Yahoo! Clubs: Marines
Yahoo! Clubs: Politics/Mil/Marines
Leatherneck.Com Main MsgCtr

If MailCall USMC has been helpful to you, please
let me know--that's the only way I know of its effectiveness!

Military Woman-Marine Corps Message Board
Military Brats Online
Mil Spouse Support Network/BB,etc.
The Marine Corps Wives WebSite/GB/MsgBd
FMF Doc's Search MsgBd
Marine/Corpsman Locator
Corpswave/Corpsmen Msg Bd
The VietNam Casualty Search Page
USS Indianapolis Survivors List/Missing Mbrs List
Armed Guard Forum/Messages
Yahoo! Clubs: Hospital Corps
Buddy Search
Navy Seabee Vets of America
POINT MAN Forum (Point Man Int'l Ministries)
Marine Mail
All POW-MIA E-Mail News
OJC Message Board
POW/MIA Voices
VietVets-The Virtual Wall
The Wall On The Web
I'm Looking For
1stBn, 3dMarines,3dMarDiv, RVN, 1964-75-GB
FirstToFight GB/BB
Da' Cajun Gy's Read Board

Tip! Sign the Guestbook on each parentwebsite,as a courtesy,
and check GB for familiar names + info. 
Devil Dog Roster
Welcome To MilitaryCity
Militarily Seeking
The Gunny Shack Message Board
E-Mail Board
Help Locator
Getting Your Relatives Medals
(See PeopleSearch)
Locators & Reunions--Lost and Found
USMC Personnel Buried Arlington Nat'l Cemetery

 To visit the parent website for each messageboard, just
click the back button, usually at bottom of each page.  
NAVCOPS Buddy Locator
Marine Forces Reserve
Lost&Found Listings
WFI Research Group
Veteran Locator Input Form
Nat'l VETs*Archives
Vets News & Info Serv
Veterans Archive
Unofficial US MilServLocator
Military History Research
Dad's War(ExtensiveSearchResources)
Vet Locator Input Form
Looking For An Old Friend
The Band of HM Royal Marines - Where are they now?

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This is an extension/satellite site of Gunny G's Marines WebSites
By Dick Gaines GySgt USMC Ret.
Postal 0161 (1952-72) 
Your best bet?
Post on several of the boards above. Better still, get your own board on your website
(see above) and then link it here. In any case, link this Site to yours please. 
Who Uses Marine Message Boards?
From my own observation, the following are among those making use of these boards:
Just as we might expect, regular Marines looking for that old beer-drinking buddy, ranging from just a short while ago to pre-WWII days. Also, those seeking former boy/girl friends; ex-spouses; long lost relatives; Marines searching for that known/unknown buddy or Corpsman who saved his bacon in WWII, Korea or 'Nam; friends and relatives on behalf of someone near death wishing to find old friends; those relatives and friends surviving the death of a Marine and seeking his old comrades; sons/daughters who never knew their Marine parent and wishing to find someone who did, etc.
That's who uses these boards, and I suspect, many, many more. That's why just one "hit" makes it worthwhile!  

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