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Sound Bites

This is my small and humble Sound Bites page, with some cool sounds! Recently updated.

To download, right-click on link, then click on Save Link As..

Here are the sounds:

The "South Park/Willow" file-ever wondered how it sounds if you mix Buffy and South Park together? Download it now! (207 kb)

Alyson Hannigan-"My name is Alyson Hannigan, and I play Willow Rosenberg." (517 kb)

Choose wisely, girls-Taken from the Dead Man on Campus special on MTV. (79 kb)

Stop saying that!-Willow tells Buffy to shut up! (36 kb)

Frat Party-Willow's advice to Buffy about frat parties. (76 kb)

Real Mad and Angry-Willow's famous tirade from the "Reptile Boy" episode. (875 kb)

No, Dammit!-a cool sound to play over and over! (17 kb)

Teabags-Willow's real cool way to escape boredom. (54 kb)

Willow-a shorter version of the "South Park/Willow" file. (92 kb)

Opening theme-opening theme for the show. (4 kb)

Vampyr game-an ancient computer game, not related to the show, but still cool. Download it now! (ZIP file, 258 kb)