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Smurfette's Corner

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This is Smurfette's Corner. Where anyone is welcome, unless your name is Gargemel or you have a cat named Azrael. I have some pictures to smurf you, and a little information about the Smurfs. I know there are many smurfy sites out there, but I haven't seen any that feature me, Smurfette. Enjoy my page, and write me if you smurf anything important to smurf me.
This is what I look like. I am the most beautiful Smurf of all, but Vanity Smurf might smurf you a different story. All of us Smurfs are blue. Blue is my favorite color, so I don't smurf it at all. Smurfs are very small, which makes it easy for us to hide. Who knows, maybe you've smurfed right by one of us and not even noticed.
We live in houses built of mushrooms. They were designed by Architect Smurf. This is what they look like inside and out.

This is Papa Smurf. He is very wise and we listen to his advice. Papa Smurf wears a red hat and pants. This is what sets Papa Smurf apart and makes him easier for us to smurf.
Smurf Episodes-This is a list I will add to of episodes of The Smurfs that I watch. It will include the title and a summary of the show.
Smurflinks-Links to other Smurf sites
More Smurfs
More to smurf in the future.
Smurfs are copyrighted by their creator Peyo.

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I would like to thank everyone from around the world who has taken the time to sign the guestbook. If you haven't signed it or read it yet, go ahead. I love smurfing from everyone. I personally read the guestbook every day. I don't know the answer to all of your questions that you may smurf, but go ahead and ask them anyway. I would like also like to thank Smurf fans in general. If it wasn't for you I would be the only one to enjoy this site. ---Smurfette