Smurf Adventures
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Smurf Adventures

This is not a complete list or in the correct order. Each day I that I watch an episode of The Smurfs I will write the title and what the show was about. I have to get up at 5 and 5:30 to see the smurfs where I live, so I will try to do my best to get up for at least one episode a day.

-----The Littlest Giant-----
A little giant named Simon has lost his way home. The Smurfs find him and try to help, but he is too big and he breaks the Smurf's bridge and goes into the Smurf village after Papa Smurf had told him not to. Simon thinks the Smurfs don't like him and he runs away crying. He finds Gargamel's house and Gargamel tells Simon to call him Uncle Gargie and gives Simon a "magic ring" that turns him into a zombie, obeying Gargamel's orders. The Smurfs find Simon and use the ring against Gargamel. They ride Simon all the way home, stopping only to eat some smurfberries. When Simon gets home, everyone is happy, even Simon's bear Fitzgerald. And Simon's giant father scares Gargamel away after he tries again to get Simon to call him Uncle Gargie and lead him to the Smurfs.

-----Every Picture Smurfs a Story-----
This episode was about Painter Smurf. He was having trouble getting his pictures to look realistic so he went for a walk. He came to a castle and found inside a man trapped in a painting. The man, Maestro, gave Painter his "magical paint" and sent him on his way. Painter used these paints and found that they did the trick. His pictures were better than ever. Until the smurfs noticed that everything that Painter painted disappeared. It was too late to tell Papa Smurf about it because Painter was just finishing his portrait of Papa. When Papa Smurf disappeared into the painting the Maestro was released from his and went to the Smurf's village to get his "magical paints" back. Painter and the Maestro got into an argument over who was better, and decided to have a competition, with Smurfette as the judge. In the end it all worked out and Papa Smurf was returned to his normal blue self.

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