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Welcome to Budget Press!

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Budget Press Review Podcast

Poems and stories for your listening pleasure
brought to you by Budget Press!

To Swallow the Summer

by Leia John

love is fleeting.

Young When the Sun Went Down

by Clay Hunt

just barely getting by.

Budget Press Review #9

with Martin Appleby, Tohm Bakelas,
Glen Binger, Renee Gurley,
Melissa Lewis, Heather Lowe,
Kelly McClure, Cheryl Sonstein,
Kristin Stadum, Uno Foto Art
and johnnie b. baker

lit zine love.

Dress Naked

by Jessica Lee

without apologies.

My Snow-globe Life #5

by johnnie b. baker

living the best life.

DC Books to Prisons #2

sending books to prisoners.

Nobody's Hero

by Martin Appleby

punk rock growing pains.

Big Poetry Accounts (and other poems)

by Glen Binger

more than a datamine.

Campervan Honeymoon

by Kristin Stadum and johnnie b. baker

more than just a souvenir!

Terrible Stories

from Kelly McClure

we are all alone.

I Belong Here

by Kristin Stadum

always live.

Destroy My Wound

by Tohm Bakelas

we have entered the darkest timeline.

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