Budget Press Pocket Histories

Budget Press Pocket Histories

Second four debut May 2003

A series of very small and brief history zines on the intro basics of their subjects.
Like a lecture from a first-year history class, which they might just kind of be, since author johnnie b. baker teaches those kind of classes.

Before there was Russia there was
Moscow, and before there was Moscow
there was Kiev.

US imperialism crosses the Pacific and digs
into the Caribbean in the late 19th
and early 20th Centuries.

US foreign policy following World War II
and the growth of the
military-industrial complex.

A new political, economic, and social order
emerges in Europe following
the collapse of Rome.

The forging of a new man.

The rapid spread of Islam from
Muhammad and Mecca to Spain and

The rise and fall of the great nomadic
empire of Chinggis Khan.

Bill Clinton and the domestic politics
of the 1990s.

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