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Its how to get in!
What you get in there?
Membership comes with many advantages. First off, you get
access to all of my exclusive programs, Docs, ect. Second,
you get to know special stuff, like how to stop the AOL timer,
what they really put in Hotdogs, the real age of
Elizabeth Tailor, and some stuff youll wish you never knew.
How do I get in?
Simple, you just have to fill a few requirements, and your in!
What are the requirements? Look below to find out.
So what are the requirements?
1. If you are an Oceanline Host or employee of
Infogrames, your in! Just E-mail me and Ill
send you the password to the members site.
2.  Like making your own games or altering the
ones you already got? Well, send us a copy of
one of your works and if its any good, your in!
3.   Dont fill anything here? Maybe your a beta
tester os sorts. I couldent turn down anybody
involved in game testing. Its a hobby of mine too.
4.      So your one of the unfortunate few who
hasent filled a single catergory? Well, if you are
an avid gamer, you can get in too. Send me a list
of at least 10 games you own. I will trivia you 1
question of each game. If you pass, your in!
 So, whats the catch?
Well, not everything on the members site is free
just because the membership was. To get a piece of
software or some document (Nothing illegal here.),
you may be required to send us a small fee or trade
something for what you want. Such as a document on
20 hidden Quake weapons (No such thing but a good example).
What! I have to pay!
No, no, no. Most of the stuff there is absolutely free. But
some of my hard work (Which is usually VERY helpfull
documents) may require you to trade something for it or
send me a small fee (Im sure you have something to trade.).
You are also required to register a bunch of stuff so I find
the person leaking my hard work if the situation were to arise.
Oh, ok. Where do I sign up?
Right here. Just send me a mail mail with the number of
the requirement catergory you fit under and I will get back
to you ASAP (Most likely withing 12 hours).
  E-Mail: OceanWave

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