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Robin Trower


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Go My WayGo My Way 7/18/2000 RobinRobin Trower 5/12/2000 Ballard Firehouse Photo by Bob Rood SOS BestOfSpeed Of Sound: The Best Of Robin Trower

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~ NEWS ~

New: 09-12-2011 I have not updated this site for a few years. Robin has recorded and toured with Davey Pattison again. I was sorry to see they did not include Bill Lordan in the reunion. Bill had suggested to Robin in front of me at the Couch House that it would be great to get Davey Pattison and Bill to record and tour again. I believe that the Bill Lordan Experiment was an effort to show Robin and his Manager that he as ready to play professionally again with Robin. For what ever reason Robin has not played with Bill yet. After the death of Jimmy Dewar Robin met with Davey Pattison at Jimmy's funeral in the UK. This connection led to Davey Pattison and Dave Bronze rejoining Robin Trower to record new music and tour in the UK, Europe, and the US. Bill Lordon did not go to the UK for his dear friend Jimmy Dewar's funeral and was not included in this Passion era band reunion.

New: 12-08-2002 Robin is working on a new CD with Davey Pattisonand Dave Bronze.

New: 12-08-2002 Look for a possible mini spring tour in March 2003.

New: 12-08-2002 Speed Of Sound: The Best Of Robin Trower is is available from CDUniverse as an advance order for $9.79. Speed Of Sound: The Best Of Robin Trower's Expected Release Date is Dec 10, 2002. This is the "Remastered Best Of" that Robin was reported to be working on a few years ago that was shelved when the BGO Remasters were released.

New: 06-13-2002, Book Project: California Vibrations

New book called California Vibrations is being written about California bands including Sly and the Family Stone. They are looking for band members; this would include Bill Lordan of course.

A tentative listing of the to be covered groups is: Beau Brummels, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, Captain Beefheart, The Charlatons, Gene Clark, Clear Light, Country Joe & the Fish, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, The Electric Prunes, Frumious Bandersnatch, The Grateful Dead, The Great Society, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, It's a Beautiful Day, Kak, Kaleidoscope (U.S.), Loading Zone, Love, The Love Exchange, The Maze, Moby Grape, Mojo Men, Music Emporium, Mystery Trend, Neighb'hood Childr'n, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Rhinoceros, Santana, Sly & The Family Stone, Sons Of Champlin, Sopwith Camel, Spirit, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Sweetwater, The Vejtables, West Coast Art Experimental Band, Zappa, Frank & the Mothers.

Go to their web site at Old Goat Publishing
and pick number 8.
Below is some info from the site:
Old Goat Publishing
23052 Alicia Parkway, #H-183
Mission Viejo, CA 92692-1662

Phone: (949) 458-6533
FAX: (949) 455-0349

...Or email them at:

New: 05-16-2002, Sad news

Just read my email from Bill Lordan about Jimmy Dewar's passing away this morning at 11.30am.

Jimmy never got much credit. Outside of Trower fans few know him by name, but millions have heard his voice. I believe it was Bill's story about Jimmy and him walking through a crowd waiting in line to get into a concert venue to see the Robin Trower Band play and no one even recognizing them. Jimmy Dewar played with a few succesful bands, Lulu and the Luvvers, Stone the Crows with Maggie Bell, and the Robin Trower Band. Jimmy's voice and Robin's guitar made classic sound that still sells Bridge of Sighs today.
Best Wishes to Family and Friends

Gary Larson

New: 09-1-2001, Robin Trower is on tour this fall and is playing again on November 25, 2001 at The Galaxy in Santa Ana, and November 26, 2001 at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Tickets are available at Ticket Master and the venues.

Contact the Webmaster to add concert photos and reviews to this site.

New: 3-1-2001, Bill Lordan has a new video available of his May 29, 2000 Couch House performance. This is the night that The Bill Lordan Experiment opened for Robin Trower. The cameraman is credited as some guy called Steve Shail :) The set list includes two Trower/Lordan tunes: "King of the Dance" and "Messin' the Blues" along with Eric Turner originals: " When the Sun Goes Down", "Emotional Black Mail", "Rock & Roll Lady", "Across the Border", and Hendrix style versions of: "The Star Spangled Banner", and "Come On Part4".

The BLX video is available for $20.00 plus $4.00S&H at

18100 Bennett Road
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

For more info on the video tape The Bill Lordan Experiment, and Bill's CDs: The Bill Lordan Experiment Vol.1 Emotional Blackmail, and The Bill Lordan Experiment Live go to Bill

New: 3-1-2001 Spring/Summer tour - Robin may tour with one or two other classic rock bands. When I checked with the managment of some rumored bands they said they wouldn't confirm anything until the band is on stage.

Robin's musical cohort Ferry is touring this year with Roxy Music minus Eno. I would love to see Robin Trower Band tour with Roxy Music, that would give Robin some exposure to the young alt crowd. Robin did play guitar on Bryan's Manomouna 1994 album and tour. Robin produced bryan's Taxi, Mamouna, and As Time Goes By albums.

Close Call: Bryan Ferry, his wife Lucy, and two of their sons were on a British Airways jet heading for a 2000/2001 new year's holiday on the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Their flight turned into what Ferry called "the most eventful" flight in his life when a mentally disturbed Kenyan man broke into the cockpit and tried to crash the jet before being subdued by the crew and passengers after a violent struggle.

I have been waiting for this one: The new "modern style" Bryan Ferry solo album that Robin was producing is set to be released just about when the Roxy Music tour will end this summer.

New: 9-15-2000 Fall Tour - Robin's on tour again. See Robin Trower and hit the slots at Pechanga Entertainment Center Saturday October 21, 2000. More on the fall 2000 tour.

New: 08-26-2000 Funky Paul is on the Web at Paul Olsen aka Funky Paul was friends with Procol Harem members in the 60's when they would hang out at the San Francisco Funky Features house, check out his Bio pages. Funky Paul later ran into Robin in England and ended up creating seven Trower Album covers (so far), check out his Album art pages, fact: the Bridge of Sighs cover was made from modeling clay. Paul's been around, not only has he been close friends with Trower, the Grateful Dead, and other great Artists, Paul got to work on the Star Trek Enterprise. Collector Alert: Paul has up for auction a set of the first seven orignal Fillmore posters given to him by Bill Graham . Paul's site has lots of info and stories, I like the story about when Robin flipped off the head lights for kicks on his corvette when Paul was driving 100MPH through the dessert on a moonless night, laughing as Paul tried to figure out how to turn them back on. Paul has published several books including some about airbrushing, the In City Dreams cover was his first airbrushed album cover. Paul is working on several screenplays, including The Book Of Haight which follows the adventures of Funky Sam, Funky Paul, and Funky Jack in 1965-69 San Francisco's (known to those who live there as THE CITY) Haight-Ashbury district.

New: 07-23-2000 Robin Trower Live 1975 Stockholm, Sweden - Photos by Hans Ivarsson added. Photos of Robin, Jimmy, and Bill from the concert that became the Robin Trower Live album. With info including the correct setlist.

New: 06-11-2000 Robin Trower Live 1976 Norfolk Virginia - Photo by Craig Danielson added.

New: 06-08-2000 Robin Trower Live August 1st 1997 - Photos and Story by Weston P. Guillory Sr.

New: 07-17-2000 Robin Trower's 2000 Tour - Fan's Concert Pictures web page added. Check it out for 2000 tour photos. Trower photos welcome

New: 07-17-2000 Enter's Irving Plaza giveaway for a chance to win tickets to see Robin Trower play at New York on July 20, 2000. Go to go down to Irving Plaza and click on the Enter Now button. On the entry form click on Choose and select Robin Trower and fill out the form. They also have Todd Rungren listed for Aug. 9.

New: 06-11-2000 I got Azera to finally add Robin to their web site. The latest release date for Go My Way is July 18, 2000. Check out their web site, not much info on it yet. Trower Power Aezra Records/EMI Music Distribution will release Robin Trower's latest CD, Go My Way, on July 18, 2000. Go My Way is Trower's first rock release in five years and features 11 sizzling new songs! Standout cuts include "Run With Wolves," the first radio single "Too Much Joy" and the instant-classic "Blue for Soul." Critics are calling Go My Way Trower's best work in a decade!

New: 06-11-2000 Go My Way is is available from CDNow as an advance order for $12.99. Go My Way's Expected Release Date is June 18, 2000(The old CDNow stocked Robin Trower music and video that is not stocked or available at most record/cd stores. Count yourself as lucky if a record/cd store that you visit has anything more than Bridge of Sighs and Essential Robin Trower cds in stock.

New: 04-06-2000 The Bill Lordan Experiment is playing TONIGHT, Thursday April 6th, at Hogue Barmichales(click for info) in Newport Beach, California(click for map), also get your tickets now for May 29, because they are also going to open for Robin Trower at The Coach House. The Bill Lordan Web Site, has the excellent cd the Bill Lordan Experiment Vol. 1 (it contains two reworked Robin Trower songs)for sell at his web site along with an instructional drummers video. Bill's news section says that he has started recording tracks for the Bill Lordan Experiment Vol. 2, and that Davey Pattison is going to contribute some vocal tracks to the album.

New: 04-06-2000 The Trower Power web site has a picture (stormy background with lighting sparks between a couple of guitar tuning pegs in the foreground) of the new Robin Trower cd and the title is "Go My Way" a song co-wrote with Richard Watt the young bassist who is going to share vocals with Robin on this tour. The cd should be available for purchase at the concerts. The tour has plans to take a short break after the western US portion and then work it's way east. Check the Robin Trower 2000 US Tour Dates web page for tour updates, venue, and map links. Check the Trowerpower web site and Steve Shails Place web site for more info.

New: 03-19-2000 Robin Trower 2000 US Tour Dates web page added. - Tickets for these events should be available for purchase now. All dates are all are subject to change. Click on Trower for information on tour dates from Robin Trower's new web page. See a great musician live and up close, get your tickets early for best seating. More dates will be added as they are confirmed. Audience reviews and pictures will be added to this web site. To have your Trower concert review or pictures added to this web site send email to The Unofficial California Robin Trower Home Page.

New: 03-19-2000 Robin Trower's managment is starting up an official Trower web site at It has information on the new 2000 tour, the Trower Power Newsletter, and a chat, and more, not everything is up and running yet. The LASTARS email address is still good. Don't expect a reply, they are generally busy and only respond about Trower Power Newsletter questions. Go to the new Trower Power web site for information about the Trower Power Newsletter.

New: 03-15-2000 Added "This Was Now '74~'98" web page

New: 03-14-2000 Rumored: Release of new Robin Trower CD "Blue of Soul" and a supporting Spring 2000 tour starting in California. New singer necessitated reworking of songs recorded with Livingstone Brown's vocals delaying "Blue for Soul"s release date.

03-14-2000: New

Davey Pattison has rejoined original GAMMA members Ronnie Montrose, Glenn Letsch, and Denny Carmassi for a new Gamma recording scheduled to start mid March.
Check out the webtime enabled
RonnieLand ( web site for downloads of the new music. I saw Ronnie Montrose perform a great all instrumental show last year. Definitely a must see and hear guitarist performing in smaller clubs.

01-23-2000: New Info on Robin's former bandmates

Bill Lordan played drums for several Robin Trower albums and tours. Bill has a new official web site at
Bill has been working on a new album titled "The Bill Lordan Experiment - Vol. #1" at Desert Moon Recording an Anaheim, California recording studio and is advertising an instructional video "Bill Lordan's Drum Beat Video" "coming soon" at his web site's store. The site lists as having a single available soon from the new recording, it wasn't there when I checked. It may show up later. Bill's web site has photos of Bill, Robin Trower, Jimmy Dewar, and Jimi Hendrix. There is a photo in this collection where Robin Trower appears to be signing an autograph for Andy Warhol. The web site is being set up for biography, schedule, photos, chat, store, links, e-mail, and bulletin boards.

Davey Pattison sang vocols for Robin Trower on several albums and tours. Davey has a new web site at
Davey has a new blues album out called "Mississippi Nights". The web site say's that the cd can be purchased by sending $ 14.95 + $ 3.00 shipping and handling. The web site has biography, picture gallery, mp3 music samples from "Mississippi Nights", buy information, discography, links, and guestbook.

Check the Robin Trower News and History page for old news, updates, stories and links that have been moved.

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