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Happy 2nd Anniversary Clan MacStar

Clansibs...sisters....beloved personages of my heart....

I just realized that today is the actual anniversary of the origin of the Clan MacStar!!!  September 18th!

T'was September 18th 199x (Nightstar...what year???) that I sayethed unto the forum member formerly known as Marie..."Arise Starfish of The Clan MacStar!" As she aroseth, the Clan MacStar was formed...and we were bornethed again unto the wondrous world of Clan.

Well, me, Bright, and Fishie, anyway. I thought the whole thing was a joke until the following day...or perhaps the same day..when a brilliant, somewhat caustic occasionally, forum member by the name of *drum roll here, please* "Mortal/Immortal" requested membership. And Nightstar was borneth of the virginal forum.

Or at least errupteth into the Clan. *major grin*

Please copyeth this for future generations. It mayeth be important. Or not.

In the beginning there was a BrightStar. And Starhawk. And the skies were fillethed with glory.

Lo, upon the horizon came a "Newcomer Carol", pleading for rest and repast within the warmth and comfort of the forum. This personage namethed "Newcomer Carol" transmorphed into "Stardust" (for lack of a better name at the time, what can I sayeth?).

Newcomer Carol, now seeneth as Stardust, livethed in awe of the glories of the forum. Kitana! Crom!
Mortal/Immortal! Marie! Brightstar! New Stardust cowered as she saw the keen wit, the knowledge, the pure hearts of the members of the forum. New Stardust lookethed in awe, in fear to respondeth, much less to posteth an original message.

But Woe! Woe to the tribe of Crom! Crom hath no mind for stars! Crom confuseth himself with BrightStar, StarHawk, and Stardust. This wast not of intention, this wast the work of the great god of confusion, Paul/Rysher, who losteth control of the Land of the Blessed Forum, muchly as I hath losteth the diskette containingeth the actual posts. I gots them somewhere! To continue.....

Some inhabitants of the Land of the Blessed Forum foundeth humor in the confusion of the Crom tribe. Crom, the Magnificent. Crom, the Creator of the Best Top Tens in history. Crom was confusethed. Huh? How could that happeneth?

Lo and behold...there be-eth giggles within the Land of the Blessed Forum. Loud ones. And Marie falleth off her chair, havingeth no way to get back to her footing. She laugheth as she reviewethed names to confuseth the tribe of Crom...and Lo! She selectethed "Starfish".

This was September 18th...1996? Nightstar...where areth you!!!

Stardust, midst solemn giggles and gufffaws, serenely and with a big grin issuethed the statement which wouldst change the world of Rysher forever...."Arise, Starfish of the Clan MacStar".

*all heads now should bow in awe and reverence at the stupid and silly way this whole thing started*

I gotta getteth something to eateth....even Stardust getseth hungry at times.

We will now pause for a brief intermission as Stardust heads for the fridge....


Where wast I....Oh yea and verily.....

Lo, the Starfish arisethed and we became a Clan. How goopy. Sheesh.


Mortal/Immortal recognizethed the humor and camaraderie within this "Clan" and asked to join us...and Nightstar was born.

Beyond that, yea and verily, I really don't remembereth muchly who and when. (or how or why or where or any of that stuff)

We were Clan. We were Friends. We were Sisters. Within the realms of the Holy Chatroom we made friends with others. Many others. Some are still friends...some...few... have hath the "Spirit of the Star" overcome them...they applied to become MacStars. Behold! The blessed some of them have been acceptedeth into the Clan. (notice the word "some", not "all")

The Clan MacStar...the Original Clan of the Blessed Land of Forum...we hath often been copyethed, we hath often been emulatethed, but we hath never been duplicatethed!

And we never will be.

Happy Anniversary Clan sibs

Momma Stardust