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~Guanja’s Native American Links

~~Broken Arrows~~
~Crazy Horse~
~~~I am At Rest~~~
~~~Into the Smoke~~~
~Legend of the Dreamcatcher~
~Little Wind~
My Brother - the Eagle
~Native American Prayer~
Native American Version of the 23rd Psalm
~One Who Sings~
~~ One-Who-Smiles ~~
~~Our Indian Eyes~~
~Remember, Remember~
~I See You~
~Song of the Soul~
~~Stand Tall~~
~This Way Again~
~A Warrior’s Spirit~

One of ~Guanja’s Favorite Native American Author and Books

~Guanja’s Zipped Excite Chat Gesture

~Ayor Anosh'ni~

Diné Links

CDC Oral History Project: DCI
Diné College
The Evolution of the Modern Navajo Sandpainting
Navajo Blanket Weavings
Navajo Code Talker Links
Navajo Nation
Navaho Nation Home Page
Navajo Prisoners
Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain & Rez Memories
Mark Silversmith Gallery
tekayr's Home Page
Western History - Navajo Indians

Native American Sites

American Indian Health Central
Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Protest
Four Corners Postcard - Native America On-Line
Native American Art Exhibit
Native American Flute Music
Native American Images
Native Culture
Native Way - The Grandmothers’ Cookbook
The 'Reflections' of METIS....
>>===>Rose’s Native American Home Page<===<<
Search the Web - Native American
Shoot For The Moon

Native American Images

Homepage Backgrounds &
Excite Chat AV/Gesture Links

Chevy’s Native Av’s
Destiny’s Native American Excite Chat Avatars
Ing’s Av & Gesture Links by Type
Kachine and Dune’s Native Avatars and Gestures
Lizard’s AV Lounge
Matosapa’s Native Avatars and Gestures
Native American Backgrounds by ~Polgara
OffWhiteFang Gestures
SilentWolf’s Mountain of Avs
Warponys’ Avatars
Wolf Tours & Mated Avatars

Beautiful Places to Visit

Call of the Wild
The Enchanted Forest
The Lookout
Mountain River
A Peaceful Pond
Sacred Centers
Tropical Waterfalls

T'áá shoodí email me here if you would like to be added to any of the links above or if you find a broken link.  Ahe'hee!

~Ayor Anosh'ni~


~whisper softly ciao baby~

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