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Hello, this is my home page and my chance to show off to the millions of cyber surfers drawn to this B road cul-de-sac off the information super highway.

I live in Lisburn, a small town about 8 miles south of Belfast, Northern Ireland, which people keep trying to blow up to prove it belongs to them. I moved here from London in March 1996 and thoroughly enjoy it, the people are very friendly and it is slightly old fashioned which I like, especially compared to London, which people keep trying to blow up to prove it doesn't belong to them. Anyway enough of the politics, I am a mountain climbing, theoretical physicist who breeds pedigree hamsters, so read on (if you're really bored)..........



Amateur radio

Rock climbing and mountaineering

Hamster breeding and showing

Other things

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How to contact me

If you want to contact me, hurl abuse etc., then please feel free to do so at the addresses and 'phone numbers below. You can email me at .


4 Rusheyhill Road
County Antrim
BT28 3TD
United Kingdom

Telephone (+44) 2892 648133


The Department of Pure and Applied Physics
Queen's University of Belfast
United Kingdom

Telephone (+44) 1232 273506

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