Chapter 5

The next morning, AJ went over to Brian’s room and knocked on the door. “B, you busy?”

“Yeah, man.  I’m talking to myself.”

“Okay, I’ll come back later.”

Brian opened the door and yanked him in.  “Those dyes must have really gotten to you.”

“I knew you were just playing.”

“Sure you did.  Anyway, what’s up?”

“Well it’s about last night.”

“If you’re about to ask me if it’s okay with me if you date Kay Kay, go ahead.  I just don’t want either of you to get hurt by each other.  So call her.”


“You don’t got her number.”

“Well it was all of a sudden.”

“Then go to her.”

“How?  It’s 7 in the morn…oh I see where you getting at.”

Kay Kay was still sleeping with Dolly, who apparently had waken up exactly when AJ stepped onto the carpet of her apartment.  When AJ stepped into the bedroom, Dolly rose from her bed and padded toward him and growled softly at home, but he bent down and offered her his hand, and a little treat with the other.

“I see you made friends with Dolly.  Usually, she’s not so pliant with strangers.”

“Yeah well, we met last night remember?”

“But she was sleeping.”

“See how great I am, I made an impression on a sleeping dog.  What a minute…thatdidn’t make sense.”

“So how’d you get here?” she said, ignoring that last statement.


“Okay, let me get out of bed first.  Why don’t you go out to the living room.”

“But I want to wait for you here.”

“Come on AJ.”

“Give me a good reason why I should leave.”

“I sleep in buff.  So go!”

“Oh!  A daring side.  I don’t mind.”

“But I do.”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?”


“Ok, ok.  I’ll go.  Geez…”

“And close the door behind you!”

They would go through with the same routine everyday.  Sometimes the rest of the guys would join AJ in waking her up or just go out without having the hassles of being recognized.  That was because everyone believed they were in another city hundreds of miles away, so they pegged them as  either wannabes or look-a-likes.  

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