Chapter 2

“Where am I?” Brian asked as he woke up.

“At the hotel, butthead,” Nick replied.

“Where’s Kay Kay?”

“At work, most likely.  Kevin and AJ picked you up last night, and you haven’t waken up until now.”

“Do we got another meeting with Hype?”

“Yeah.  We’re leaving in an hour.  So get moving.”

After 2 hours talking with Hype, they were finally ready to shoot their video.

At the last moment, “Who’s going to be in our video?”  Nick asked.

“1-800 Collect girl and Sigourney Weaver.”

“Ha, Kevin.  See what did I tell you.”

“So what?  Gloat all you want.  I don’t care.”

“We start tomorrow okay?” Hype said interrupting the stupid argument.

“No problem,” Howie said.

“Is Kay Kay going to be there?” AJ asked.

“Yeah, she’ll be there.  By the way, Brian.  What did you do to Kay Kay?”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s human today.  All smiles and cheery.  She even called me Hype.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

The next day, the first thing the guys heard were Hype’s words, “Damn, damn, double damn.”

“What’s wrong?” Brian asked.

“Collect girl couldn’t made it.  She eloped or something.”

“Can we find another on such short notice?”  Kevin asked.

“I’ve tried, but all the ones Kay Kay’s called were busy or refused to come on short notice.”

“Why don’t you just get Kay Kay to do the part?” Nick suggested.

“That’s a great idea.  Let me buzz her in.”

“For a blond, you ain’t that dumb,” Howie said.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Yes Hype?”

“Would you mind if you take the girl’s spot?”

“Umm…I don’t know…”

“Come on it’ll be fun,” Nick whined.  “You get to kiss me.”

“Like that’s something I want to do.  I don’t think I’m interested.  Howie, on the other hand, maybe.  But most definitely Mr. Richardson over there,” she said as she winked at Howie and gave Kevin a steamy look.  The guys laughed at his wounded look.

“But I’m the cute young one…”

“Didn’t I mention?  I’m only 4 days younger than Brian.”

“So what?  You know us young ones got stamina.  Women like younger men,” Nick said as AJ said softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear, “Aren’t you a little desperate?”

“Sorry.  I prefer someone  a little older.  Like a year or two.  Plus last I heard, you didn’t know how to kiss.”

“Who the hell told you that?”

Quickly changing the subject, because she didn’t know who to name, “So what part am I going to supposedly play?”

“The psychotic bitch in the video,” Nick answered.

“Gee that sounds fun to me,” she said sarcastically.

“Well too bad.  I’m making you do the video.  I should have cast you that part anyway.  Your eyes will be great for the part,” Hype said.

“Should that be a compliment?”

“One favor, please?” Brian begged.

“You know I never have been say no to those eyes, and I still won’t be able to.”

“Then it’s settled.  You’re going to be the psychotic bit…um…woman.”

At the end of the little kissing scene with Nick, he asked, “So what do you think?”

“Eh…I’ve had better,” she said.

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