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Imaginations' Creations - escape.from.reality.

Welcome to Imaginations' Creations - escape.from.reality. get yourself lost in a world of fantasies here. Please bear in mind that this site is dedicated to Nick Carter and that I am in no way related to him in any way. Fantasies are dreams in reality.

If any of you have a fantasy that you want to post up here, feel free to send it in.


Is your fantasy finished?

How many chapters?

Which BSB is it about?

Your name?

Email addie?

Any fantasy that you have no idea how to word? I'd be glad to write it for anyone. No gayness or smut or lesbian... etc. please.

Please help this site grow by adding me onto your links if you are a webmaster. I'd be glad to post up your link. And if you see something of your in this site, and you don't want it there, please tell me and i'd take it off. Last updated August 28th 2001














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I no longer have an update list so please if you would like to be notified for updates, email me here

There is no more emails anymore so please do not email me there. Also, there is no more either so don't email me there either. If you have any questions or comments, please send them here

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