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Wholehouse Audio Keypad Control     Living Room with Speakercraft System

       Wholehouse Audio with Telephone, Cameras               Multi Room, Multi Source System,    

            and Keypad controls.                                                      Touch Panel Control.

Pioneer Elite Plasma    Philips HDTV

            Pioneer Elite Plasma, Electronics with Mirage                 Philips HDTV with Speakercraft

            Loudspeaker System.                                                        Loudspeaker System.

     Sanctuary System ElectroVoice HDTV Theater System

         Church Sanctuary featuring             Pioneer Elite PTV, Athena,

Electro Voice Speaker System,                   Denon Electronics.

Soundcraft console, QSC Power.



        Lisbon High School Auditorium renovation: ElectroVoice SX Speakers,

        RE Series Microphones, Renkus Heinz, DOD, Wharfedale Pro and Lowell. 



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