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Developer's Links

The Developer's Links page consists of useful websites that I have found over the years. Feel free to send me your site's URL so I can put it up on this list. Some of the links have descriptions and/or ratings. Please let me know about any dead links or errors that occur while trying to load one of these sites. Thank you.

** Planet Source Code ** I had to put this one first, because it is simply the best one out there! It mainly covers Visual Basic, but it also has free code available for ASP and C/C++. This site has TONS and TONS of free code, the design is perfect and every page loads quickly and you can find almost anything imaginable about Visual Basic. You can also create your own login to submit code easily and the site has a monthly contest for 'Code of the Month', the winner wins free development tools. Look for my code here!

VB Code This site is pretty good, its a lot like Planet-Source-Code, but only covers Visual Basic. It does not have nearly as much code as Planet-Source-Code, but it still deserves a look. They also have the BEST java-based chat room. There are always people in there helping each other out (yes, even at 4 am). So, anytime you're stuck and want to ask someone for help, go here.

** Source Forge ** This is the place to go, if you are interested in open source software. The site is very well-designed and kept up. They host websites for tons and tons of people working on open source programs (for all operating systems). You can also browse each open source project, as well as offer help. Each project has a very detailed website with source code (hence, open source) and explanations. Check it out.

** Microsoft MSDN Home ** If you are not subscribed to MSDN with atleast a library subscription, then you should think about it. MSDN stands for Microsoft Developer's Network. With a library subscription to MSDN, you get three CDs of all help files every three months. The help files cover every development language that Microsoft has software for. The library subscription costs $200 a year, however. It is well worth it.

Filter Authors - tons of links for good Adobe Photoshop filter related sites.

** i/us -- The Plugin Head ** - tons and tons of info on filter factory. Features the programming guide and links.

Sun Java Homesite - want to get started with programming in the most versatile language out there? go here, its got tons of free tutorials and the SDK itself is even free! Java's got a great future, mostly because it is cross-platform. LEARN JAVA... its a great language.

The Real Programmer's Stories - you might have seen this before... It's a collection of stories on REAL PROGRAMMERS! It's great, check it out, hilarious.

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