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What is Omicron Chapter of Delta Gamma all About?

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Omicron Chapter was established at Adelphi University in May 1908 thus making it the oldest sorority on campus.  Delta Gamma's colors are bronze, pink, and blue; its flower is the cream colored rose; Hannah is the official mascot; the new member pin is the Pi Alpha Pin. Initiated members of the sorority wear the anchor badge.  The chapter supports many activities on campus as well as its national philanthropies- Aid to the Blind and Sight Conservation.

Adelphi's Panhellenic Association is a community of women working together to improve themselves and the campus, and to aid many needy organizations.  The Association sponsors lectures, Homecoming, Orientation, and student government.  For more information, please contact the Student Activities Coordinator at 516-877-3608.  

Now you can visit the website at

Scholarship is one point of the Delta Gamma Star.  Omicron Chapter encourages its members to do their best in their academic studies.  Every year the Adelphi University Panhellenic Association holds their annual Scholarship Tea. 
Anchor Bowl is our most successful event each year.  Anchor Bowl is a fundraiser for our philanthropy.  It is a night of bowling and dancing and basically having a good time with our friends and family.  This spring we will be holding Delta Gamma's Most Beautiful Eyes Contest to raise extra money for the Delta Gamma Foundation.

Delta Gamma's foundation is Service to Sight.  In past semesters we made eye occluders and distributed pamphlets about eye sight.  We helped our alumnae chapter sell geraniums. 
Every spring we attend Founder's Day.  We have a brunch with our alumnae and speak about our accomplishments for the year.


The purpose of Delta Gamma is embodied in our philosophy and includes four basic goals: to provide friendship; to promote cultural and educational interests; to have a sense of social responsibility; and to develop the best qualities of character.

Hazing corrupts the true meaning of fraternity life. It negates the values of loyalty, hope, trust, supportive friendship, kindness, and compassion that Delta Gamma affirms. The moral integrity of the chapter is inseparable from the conduct of its members, and because of this, we hold our members and new members individually accountable for their actions and the actions of the chapter.

Because Delta Gamma supports the integrity and dignity of women, basic human rights, decency, honor, gracious living, and positive reinforcement of each other, there is no place for hazing (which is negative and archaic) in our Fraternity of women.

Chapters are not permitted to impose menial or personal tasks or to allow any form of hazing. Any chapter officer responsible for allowing such activities shall be removed from office. Any member or new member planning or participating in a hazing activity shall have her membership immediately reviewed which may result in expulsion or termination.

Hazing is defined as:

  • any act or tradition that endangers the physical, mental or emotional well-being of a new member and/or member.
  • any act or tradition that requests, encourages or suggests violation of city, county, state or national law.
  • any act or tradition that is mentally or physically degrading.
  • any act or tradition that requires a personal or menial task of a new member and/or member, regardless of location, intent, or consent of the participants.

Delta Gamma policy states that no alcoholic beverages may be served or stored on Delta Gamma property.
The Council of Delta Gamma recommends that alcohol awareness and educational programs be an ongoing and integral part of each collegiate chapter's programming throughout the year. Council encourages members to identify with the concepts of responsible drinking and individual choice.

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