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Care Sheet


>>Getting one as pet

Before getting a turtle, ask yourself the purpose for buying it. If you are looking for cuddly pets to hug and to train, well turtles are definitely not a good choice. Turtles are friendly and beautiful creatures if you give them proper care, they are also fun to watch! It is best if you raise a turtle from young, you can never get enough satisfaction to see your happy slider swimming around!

Turtles and tortoises are not advisable for young children. They might possibly put the turtle or tortoise in their mouths and that is dangerous and can infect the children with salmonella. Adult usually has better immune system against bacteria and so need not worry too much. Please note that other pets like cats and dogs can have bacteria too.

Do not treat your pet turtle as toy. They are not to be broken and thrown!

Bear in mind the responsibility required in looking after a pet turtle as well as time. You will need to acquire some basic knowledge about your pet first before getting one or there might be lack of proper care! Surf around the site to find out more about red-eared slider if you plan to get one. If you want to get other species of turtle, go and search under the turtle's species name on search engines.
Some points to note:

You might find that it is quite a heavy responsibily, but it is the same for keeping any other pets. For more information about keeping a red-eared slider, click on the links on the left menu column.

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