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Supporters For Behcet's Disease

Who Is Who Photo Gallary I

A Dream Is Worth Sharing

Marjorie Ford. A Behcet's Patient.
M.J. Birch - A Canadian Behcet's Patient with her best friend Sam. Sam is 19 years old. M.J. traveled all the way to the U.K. to be treated with a new experimental procedure called COMPATH. She was going to go through another (final) treatment which might of been her cure except the doctor was killed in a unfortunate boating accident. She claims this doctor and clinic saved her life. She still deals with spinal pain and delegation, heart trouble, etc. MJ has been a long time supporter of BD. We are all hoping that another doctor will take up the wonderful work that was started in the UK.
Terry Gibson in Jan of 1993, before she started using steroids to treat her Behcet's. Terry was diagnosed in 1992 with Hypothyroidism and has been using Synthroid.
In 1995 she was diagnosed Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency) and started using steroids-Cortef/Hydorcort 10mg 4 days a week and 15 mg 3 days a week. In 1997, Terry was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Behcets. Terry, like a lot of BDer's, believes she showed symptoms of Behcet's Disease when she was very young. She remembers cold sores, old-leg aches and blood clots from age five and up. I bet she heard the words "growing pains" so many times when she was young that it still makes her cringe.
Terry Gibson and her husband Quince standing between their sons. Jeremy and Ben.
Terry is a very special supporter of BD. This website was actually her idea. I know I appreciate having this information available online.
Terry and Quince Gibson with their sons, Jeremy and Ben. Quince's parent are sitting in front. Their names are Shirlie and Andy Gibson.
Terry Gibson with her 27 year old son Jeremy. Next to Terry is her daughter in-law, Hanisha. Terry's 29 yr old son Ben is next to his wife-to-be then there is Terry's husband Quince. Ben's friend David is barely visible. Taken Feb 14th at the Dallas court house waiting on Ben and Hanisha to be married.
Laurie Lambertson and Lisa Lyne. Picture was taken at the ABDA convention. Laurie is a very special lady that has supported BD most of her life. She has volunteered for several organizations that support this disorder. Currently, she is being treated for a brain tumor associated with Behcet's Disease. It is affecting her pituitary gland. She claims she is taking a break from all her volunteer work but she is always out there helping someone in need.
One of Becky Koivu churches.
Becky Koivu. She also has Behcet's Disease. This picture was taken August 19th, 2002. Becky is still in her work cloths and has put her retirement on hold. She is hoping they replace her soon because it is getting harder and harder to work these days.
Dawn Wood standing on the far left side. The two tall ladies are her Aunts. The rest are distant relatives.
Dawn Wood is on the far left with her Aunts and distant relatives.
Gary, 48 years old Friday 7-26-02 (the male), suffers from BD. He is a rural mail carrier, volunteer firefighter, great dad and loving husband.  He enjoys traveling, gardening, raising Guinea hens and being with his family. He's a whiz at the computer if his vision isn't flaring. Also in the picture are our three girls. Christel is 22 and married almost a year, she is the one graduating from college. Angela is the shortest and our middle daughter. She is a senior in High school, works for our drug store, is our church's nursery attendant, teaches mid-high Sunday School class and also attends college. Kelsie (the tallest) is our baby and she is a junior in high school who cheerleads, lifeguards, plays basketball and runs track.. Jeanne (in black) is a certified speech-language pathologist (speech therapist in common terms), mother, volunteer and Gary's advocate.
Terry Gibson's daughter in law, Hanisha. They were married at the Dallas courthouse on Feb 14 but this is from their Indian/Hindu ceremony June 16.
Terry Gibson's son Ben and his bride Hanisha. Indian/Hindu ceremony June 16th, 2002.
Terry Gibson's son Ben with his lovely bride-to-be Hanisha. It must of been a beautiful Indian/Hindu ceremony.

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