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Supporters For Behcet's
Disease Webpage

Recommended Behcet's Books and Links

Sharing The Hope

New Book - BD By Nature by Tal Kinnersly

The above book is a wonderful source of information about Behcet's Disease. The book supplies a holistic view of the underlying mechanisms and suggested therapies for anyone dealing with Behcet's disease. This author did an excellent job at pointing out common nutritional deficiencies which complicate BDers overall health. BDers commonly have higher nutritional needs and if a body does not get what it needs, BDers will likely progress toward the more serious aspects of this disorder. !!! Excellent book - a must have for anyone dealing with Behcet's Disease. This book is available on-line in PDF format. The book cost $22, $20 for BIG members (membership is free and easy to have by all)

NOTE: Ingore download requests on the BIG site for another language, it is available in English.

Behcet's Disease Bookstore and Resources
Joanne Zeis offers a wonderful selection of books about Behcet's Disease. Her recent book, "Essential Guilde To Behcet's Disease" is excellent.

Behcet's Israel Group (BIG)
Tal Kinnersly also offers a WebPage which is in English. Please ignore any
download requests. Extremely informative site supplying medical
and nutritional information about Behcet's Disease

American Behcet's Association (ABDA)
If you are interested in supporting
Behcet's Disease, visit the ABDA

Behcet's Ontario
Visit Ontario Canada.
Tracey and Cindy share their Behcet's experience
and offer support for fellow BDers.

Behcet's Chat Room
To chat with other Behcet's supporters
Visit the website above for the chat schedule.

Italian Behcet's Association
Korean Behcet's Association
French Behcet's Association
Japanese Behcet's Association (OSAKA)
Behcet's Syndrome Society (U.K.)

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