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Welcome to the readers section of my "Top 10 Scariest Movie" page. Here is where some of my readers will have their say on what they consider to be scary, along with some comments they may have had on my personal list. If you would like your voice to be heard and would like to contribute to this particular section E-Mail me at: and I'll add your feedback here. Once again thanks to everyone who actually took the time to read my list and send me feedback. I'm glad some people were entertained.

4/09/07 - 1 New Email added. Scroll all the way to the bottom to read it.

--- wrote:

10-sesime street- that count is scary shit
8-texas chainsaw masica
7-the exorsist- i think thats how you spell it
6-the cube-its not like this is a horror but the thourgth scared the shit out of me... see it
5-friday the 13th
4-28 days later
3-darkness falls
2-ginger snaps
1-dog soldiers-cause werewolves scare the shit out off me

--- wrote:

Hey Dude:

Just wanted to let you know, that besides the spelling (sorry), that was some great writing. I actually laughed out loud a number of times. Everything you said was true and put in a way that was humorous and exciting. Just wish there were some scary movies on your list that I haven't seen. I'm getting sick of the same shit at the video stores. Did see "Wrong Turn" last night... better than most. And of course, Jeepers Creepers - the first one. Thanks for a few good laughs.


--- wrote:

Hey Manny:

Thanks for writing back... and NO, I won't be pestering you with e-mails. Just forgot to add "Dusk til Dawn" as one of my number one picks. I'd never even heard about the movie and just picked it up at the video store with a friend. I remember watching it, thinking it was just okay, a little slow actually. And then... out of nowhere... the vampires appear and bring me to the edge of my seat! I was not expecting it at all. As I said, because I knew nothing about the movie, it was a freakin shock. I thought it was amazing. Great effects, Great Suspense, Great Surprises. (Even if George Clooney was one of the stars - something about him irks me.) Anyway, just wondering why it's not in most Top Ten Horror Movie lists... and of course, want to make sure you saw it.


--- wrote:

Great column!
Here's my top ten...

10. Ghost Story
Wasn't expecting it to effect me that much days later.

9. Seven
Showing the aftermath of the death scenes got my mind thinking about what actually happened there.

8. The Others
Kids and death scare me.

7. Psycho
A classic.

6. Jaws
Belief factor, especially at age 12 when I saw it.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Scary without showing much blood.

4. Halloween
Couldn't sleep for a week.

3. Alien
Left claw markings on the theatre seat.

2. Night of the Living Dead
I saw hungry dead people. The documentary feel added the realism factor.

1. The Exorcist
Shocking, sick, and too believable. Will not watch alone.

Honorable Mentions
The Shining
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Blair Witch Project

--- wrote:

The Changeling is my all time #1. I can't believe it never gets mentioned on any Top 10 lists.

--- wrote:

hi i am sam watkins and iam a big fan of horror movies.

1: number one would have to be halloween recerrection that scared the shit out of and scream one because i saw that when i was 5 and as you said the belief factor it could happen

2: would have to be a halloween again halloween H2O the bit that scared the crap out of me was the bit when the mom took the little girl into the mens tollets because the girls tollets was locked. the mom was sitting in a cubical when micheal myers walks in micheal looks in the mirror and it looks like hes looking at the girl in the cubical but then he walks out no one even dies but it still scares me

3: would be scream 2 and 3 they just scared the shit through me.

sorry i can only give you 3 sorry my brother needs to go on

can you please right back to me i loved reading your top ten scariest movies thanxs

--- wrote:

my top 5 scariest movies are

1. The ring

2. Halloween

3. What lies beneath

4. sream movies
(seen all but better for kids)

5. Chainsaw masicar
ive heard is gr8 'n' i want 2 see

--- wrote:


i think these are scariest

The Haunting
The Shining
The Others
The Exorcist
The Ring
American Psycho
Dark Water

--- wrote:

hey i love scary movies too!

ginger snaps woz well weird and scary! I aint seen da ring but its meant to b good and so is the texus chain saw massica! Da omen woz well scary! And da others woz full of twists and shit. I dont find da halloweens scary at all. The serial killers scare da shit outa me! love

--- wrote:

Hey I've just read your little analysis kinda thing on scary movies and it's pretty good, i loved the whole thing about the after effect. Thats what I always consider in a good scary movie. But I have to say being an A level media student over in england, i've jst finshed studying the whole genre on horror so now when I watch a scary movie i don't get scared as much because I know the whole lot of convention which makes a scary movie. Take for instance the other month i watched the knew texa chainsaw massachre, and as soon I seen the 4 main characters I could knew exactly who was gona die and live and which order, and I was right.

One thing I do want to comment on is you say that there is no need for The viewer to see a girls arse and tits, well actually there is. You see this is actually a convention to show the shes gona die!It also helps identify who will be the 'final girl'. This is a term written by Carol Clover in her book ĎMen, Women and Chainsaws'. The final girl is used in around 99%slasher films. You can easily Identify her by these conventions

1)She has a masculine name, and is in a way masculine herself, e.g. doesn't not wear make up or look 'sluttish'. Therefore she can relate to the killer.

2)she is innocent, meaning virginal, non - smoker, doesn't deal with drugs, does her school work etc.

3)can be religous

4)In some movies wears white e.g. nightmare on elm street. etc. etc. etc.

If the girl comes up with these conventions then she'll be the 'final girl' and difeat the killer. And if any one a guy or girl does any thing against these kinda rules, well basically, there gona die! Did you also know that the guy killing the girl with the knife or sharp object is a symbolism of the penitration of the penis?Shows male domination. This is another reason why girls are seen as dumb ass sex objects. These are all actually true facts!

Another thing I'd like to add is have you ever read into the case of Edward Gein?it's pretty fasinating, but then again pretty sick!lol, he was Actually a huge influence on the first ever slasher movie peeping tom and also Hitcock's 'Psycho', I think you'll be interested. well I hope I've been of some help, it would be nice to hear back from you, any comments or any thing else you'd like to know, I just got an A in the exam, (don't mean to boast lol), so I know quite a bit if i say so myself lol.

Hope to hear from you

*****Note: This is another email from Aimee, but this time I just took the top 10 list from it and posted it here.*****

--- wrote:

I would have done a top ten for you but to be honest I don't think I could say lol, I don't think It would be much different to yours. I will list scary movies that I like though (no particular order)

Texas Chainsaw
Long time dead (apart from the bad English acting)
Friday 13th
Seven (although not really scary, but I thought it was pretty clever)
Suicide (now that's freaky!)
Blair witch project (well when I first saw it I was a bit 'oh yah shit' but I'm not really so sure now)
Cannibal Theodox (don't know how you spell that lol)

well thats about all I can think of that I liked that I'v seen, if you want you can email back with your opinions on them but thats entirely up to you.

thanx 4 emailin back

--- wrote:


I just would like to take a moment to say that out of the many top ten lists I have came across that I think yours is great! Mine would be very damn near identical to yours. Good work, good site and good luck!

--- wrote:

Cool man! I didn't realize you had a reader's section so I checked it out.Wow!! Alotta people feel the same way!

With the exception of Psycho since it is such a classic,I was never really into the slashing and chopping horror flicks.Just never really spooked me out I guess. So here are my top ten in order.

10.The Ring
9.Nightmare On Elm Street
8.Prince of Darkness
5.The Shining
4.Poltergeist II :The Other Side
2.The Omen
1.The Exorcist

There shouldn't be any other # 2 and sure in the HELL any other # 1!!! >:)

So if ya liked to edit the email with this top ten list that I made feel free! Take care and have a good one!! :D


--- wrote:

That was a great list of scary movies. The only thing I would change would be The Omen. I just watched it for the first time. i had read alot about it and when I started watching it i had the thought that it iwas gunna scare the shit out of me. Besides the few scenes that were a little freaky i really didnt find it that scary. just my opinion though

--- wrote:

I've been a horror movie lover for over 35 years. I don't pretend to be an expert in the genre, but I've always been on the hunt for the scariest films.

here are my top 10

#10 - Mark of the Devil...scary stuff for the early 70's.

#9 - Last House on the Left...definately a top 10...check it out and try to image your sister/mother as the female lead

#8 - Prince of Darkness...the idea that Satan is lying in wait in California???...whoa

#7 - The Omen...great music, the kid is creepy, and the production is top notch.

#6 - Day of the Dead....greatest gore fest ever the Man, Tom Savini

#5 - The Thing (remake) - Carpenter hit a homerun here...paranoia is the devil in this one.

#4 - Dead Ringers...not a true horror film, but the descent into madness by these guys is something to watch!!

#3 - Dawn of the Dead (2004)...a great remake, scary, suspensful, and FAST!!!

#2 - Hellraiser...great music, great effects/makeup, Clive Barker's story is over the top!

#1 - The Exorcist (remix)...nothing has ever come close...turn off the phone, lock the door, turn out the lights, and let your self be taken away to hell.

Honorable mentions...

The Ring
Rosemary's Baby
Lord of Illusions
The Sentinel
Silence of the lambs

--- wrote:

Hi Dude,

I liked 2 let u know about a movie which scared me alot named :"THE GRUDGE" , it is made in japan and I ask u 2 watch the japanese cut (1998 I guess). not the american version. Hope u and Rob(Who Just wish there were some scary movies on your list ....haven't seen it and enjoy.

U spelled about exorcist exact the same I think, and u know I guess spycho ppl may laugh @ this movie.Not only the characters,make ups,story and ... were so scary and special which will never happen again in other movies I think;But the dialogues and concepts were really scary. I cant 4get the time the demon opens the drawer and the priest asks her "plz do it again", yes u can get a philosophic concept about devil that he will surely refuse 2 obey and will do the things IN TIME!!!! .She says NOOOOOO and when the priest asks WHY?!!!! she replies "IN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" .The exorcist is not just a movie.cuz there u can find alot of concepts and thoughts about Devil and makes u think more and more about every part of the movie.

--- wrote:

Hello I read your scariest movie site. can you please post this :)? I know I did not think hard enough and the ones I named probably should not be there, but I have not seen every single scary movie, so here they are. I did plus ones also lol


12: Rocky Horror Picture Film (or whatever its called) that movie is so damn boring and stupid and head aching and scary. I mean the guy was scary, and ugly.

11: Childís Play: Chuckies: These ones are scary, but in a funny childish way. I mean a freakin doll as a killer? I mean there are so many good parts in these movies. He is so awesome I love him.

10: House Of Wax: Ok so this was not that scary really, but it did have a few freaky parts. I mean the WHOLE TOWN was wax, and that was fucking awesome really lol. And the brothers, one was freaky and I dunno there were some freaky parts, I liked it. It probably does not belong up on my list, but I have not seen everyyyyyyy scary movie and the ones I have are not that scary cuz Im 22 lol.

9: The Boogidy Man: This is a child Hood movie that was alwayssssss on Disney it was very short and there were two of them. It was scary for a kid. Had a nasty pizza face guy he was a ghost and he flew and he blew out green smoke and he had the nastiest scariest voice. He laughed and scared the shit out of us LOL all the time. He was holding a little boy hostesss all of us life and the boys mother, he wanted to marry the boys mother but she would not marry him so he killed them both and made them ghosts they were separated (mom and boy) so the boy was in the house WITH him (stuck there) and she was somewhere else. And he is a little boy and scared. Well a family move in his house and he wants them out so he haunts them, its good.

8: Jason Movies: I have not really seen them, all but I have seen parts of them and there scary. I mean the guy is so damn ugly, He is wearing a hockey mask and when you take it off its all gooey and thereís nothing there, its nasty lol. He is usually after teenagers making out. And the first one when they show the ship and stuff and him drowning, well its deserves to be on this list. It is scary.

7. The Shining: (The TV version and the real movie with jack Nicholson) I love the real one though. Anyway this one is scary also. They are in a big hotel and its like empty but with ghosts. And the dad goes psycho and says where is Johnny I THINK and I love the red rum scene its so funny my uncle always says that. And in the family guy in the episode Janet (when steewie has a date/a crush) he is playing with his blocks and he builds RED RUM. Anyway its just a good movie. Great music. Great Acting.

6: Pet Cemetary: I donít think I saw this on this list so far and all I can say it wow. Its kinda scary or the first one anyway. They always show the pet cemetery its kinda freaky.

5: Freddy Krugar: I love him, he is such a great scary guy. Love all of the movies, but especially number 3. The mental hospital. And the nurse and the boy and the tongue swallowing eww lol. And Manny I agree with you the little girls in that dream world, its freaky and the music. Everything about it its freaky and cool in away. I mean come on now, a manic serial monster killer who kills in our DREAMS, scary. I mean what are nightmares for if we are just going to have Freddy krugar dreams lol. Whenever they go show his house its freaky and the INSIDE of him, when it shows all of his children can you say GROSS? ICKY? freaky? ill? yucky? SCAREY SHIT? lol. Now that I watch it its not as scarey but I mean its still gross and its my favorite scary movies ever.

4. Jaws: OK I never seen this either, I have seen parts of it and its kinda freaky with the shark. And the da da da's LOL.

3. Chain Massacre: Ha actually I have not seen this movie yet and its funny cuz its on my top 10 scariest movie list and its number 3. I will not see that. It looks so damn scary. I had that chain saw thingy. That motor noise. Its scary. I was at a haunted house last year for Halloween and there was one of those guys there and the year before they had lots of them at Halloween horror night its scary. Its just a loud noise. Well anyway I was in FRONT of the damn line and he was chasing us and everyone trampled me (I think I have the right word, where they shove me to the ground and keep on running?) and NO one came back to get me but 1 person and it was my friends friend who was a guy , she did not even come get me, bitch lol.well anyway I was shoved hard to the ground and he was right there with his toy :(

2.IT: OK if Anne Frank does not count then technically IT is the scariest movie to me. I mean come on now I can NOT believe that NONE of you people said this movie. It is about a scary ass CLOWN lol. Clowns so freak me out, and its funny cuz that movie made me hate clowns, I dont remember hating clowns before that movie LOL. I mean it was sad. Jonathan Jackson (well not him but JOHN BOY from the Waltonís lol) kept on having flashbacks and nightmares seeing his baby brother alive and walkin around in a raincoat with a rubber duck (I THINK) that was so scary. Shit its a great movie, LONG though, but I love when everyone kept on thinking back.

1: Anne Frank: OK This does not really count I guess, but this movie gives me nightmares. I HATE nazi's with a passion. I really do. And I do not hate anyone but them. They disgust me. I felt so sorry for those people and it was so scary, Im glad I was not here at that time. It was sad. When they found Anne Frank and her family, she was about to kiss a boy, and it was so sad because they new that there life was over as soon as they heard the sirens. I cried and cried. I will NEVER watch a nazi movie again. I am glad that hilter is dead!!!!!!

Other scary ones or ones I like:
Carrie 1 and 2
Candy Man (movies)
I think that Cruelle De Ville is freaky (from Halloween)
The Village is kinda freaky
there is a movie called bats and I was to terrified to watch it cuz well duh Im terrified of BATS lol

Scream was not that scary but had some parts
Cruel Intentions (bad girl Sarah, heck Id be scared lol)
I know what you did last summer the first one was kinda freaky
The Craft: it was not really scary but had a few good Halloween parts.

Blair Witch Project 1: that movie was so damn STUPID and never once showed a damn witch but the whole time i was freaked cuz hey u never new when the witch was gona pop her ugly head in lol. It was so dumb really it was. A bunch of dumb kids. And it was so disappointing. Its funny the 2nd one looked good and I new saw it cuz I could not let myself get bored cuz of the first one.

The Ring , ehhh I did not care for it much, but it had some freaky parts the girl was so ugly

Wizard of Oz was kinda creepy and flowers in the attic aww that was sad and mean and scary. the grandma was sooo damn evil:( and wicked.

Lots more I'm sure I can think up more but Iíve rambled quite enough.


--- wrote:

Ok I spent a half hour reading this crazy site, and I love lists and countdowns, and horror movies. SO, Here's my top 10!:

#10. Night of the Living Dead (1990 version) - They used to play this one on HBO a lot when I was, like 11, I guess. I always thought this one was way better than the original.

#9. Hellraiser 2 - Had to give it to part 2 of the accursed series... The scene in the psyche ward with the crazy guy, and the straight razor, and the maggots... was totally sweet.

#8. Open Water - I liked this one better than Jaws!... Way better Ending!

#7. Saw - I had to turn this one off when I first watched it, cuz I was gettin too freaked out. Totally scarry flick. Good Job.

#6. Jungle Holocaust - Completely insane Itallian flick from the 70's! NC17, and pretty poorly acted, but genuinely scarry. Sure to freak your girlfriend out!

#5. Tetsuo: Iron Man - Any fan of Horror should see this Comple Assault of the senses, from Japan! Shinya Tsakamudo's industral- noir masterpiece is so amazingly intense, by the time its short run time of 68 minutes is up, you couldn't bear to watch a second more.

#4. The Gate - Great '80s Devil Horror. What happens when a gate to Hell opens up in your backyard, and your creepy nextdoor neighbor kid keeps playing Heavy Metal? Watch this movie and find Out! Oh, and beware of the Eyeball in the Hand!!!

#3. Cannibal Campout - God-Awful flick from the 80's that looks like it was shot on your old RCA camcorder. But somehow inspiring in its stupidity... You only THOUGHT they made movies this Bad!!

#2. Aliens 2 - Totally the best in the Series! John Carpenter goes Over the top with Space Horror, in this truly terrifing Sci- Fi nightmare. the Queen Alien is awsomely revolting, and the fight scene is one of the best ever as well.

#1 Dead Alive - Peter Jackson was one seriously messed up dude, whose really rich now after making Lords of the the Rings. But he wasn't always family friendly! This is the Mother of all Zombie films, and anyone who likes gore and comedy and New Zeeland accents should definaltly see this movie. Favorite of ALL TIME!!

Finally, I'd like to say thanks to whoever put this site up! I Really Liked it a Lot!

--- wrote:


--- wrote:

I had just stumbled onto your website and I have to say that there are somethings that we agree on. Especially THE EXORCIST. I actually saw the exorcist at the theatre when I was 9 yrs old. It scared the shit out of me. However the uncut version was just as tramatic as the first. I am soooo glad they did not release the uncut version cause I probably could not take it at 9 yrs old. exorcist III was almost as terrifing with the large shears and the old woman on the ceiling.

Now for the rest of the list. At number 3 my pick would be DAWN OF THE DEAD. No not the Romero version. That is more of a comedy. The newer version was terrifing cause the zombies were vicious and fast. That was all the horror I could handle at that moment. Number 4 would have to be the HITCHER. How demented was it that the kid was blamed for the murders and at the end the girl being torn apart by the semi. No escape that time. Number 5 would be Hostel. The suspense the near misses, drive me out of my mind. Number 6 was SAW How different how orginal how awsome. Number 7 was THE DEVILS REJECTS only because you could put yourself in the shoes of the victims. Nothing is more exciting then when you feel part of the scene. Number 8 was THE OMEN Number 9 was PET SEMETARY Last but not least Number 10 would have to be wolf creek. Thats my list if you like write and let me know what you think


--- wrote:
(Added April, 9th 2007)

I dont know how old this forum was held, but i still want to post my top horror movies:

1. The Exorcist (without a doubt)
2. Amityville II The Possesion (has nobody ever seen this movie..i havent seen it on anyones list...instead i see shit like the Shining, Jaws, Aliens and Phycho..which arent scary at all)
3. The Entity
4. Texas Chainsaw Mass. ( the oringinal)
5. The Amittyville Horror
6. Nightmare on Elm Street
7. Childs Play ( the timing was came out when all that cabbage patch doll possesion stuff was going around)
8. The Ring
9. Exorcism of Emily Rose
10. Pet Cemetary

Your right about one thing...good horror movies are not the ones that give you that cheap jump out of your seat scare, because those will fade. Its the ones that wont leave your head afterwards..the ones that play wiith your mind. They have to do with the Devil, kids, ghost, evil demons.

Well, and there you have it. If you would like to contribute to this page Email me at: As always I'll reply back to you and put it up here.

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