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by: The Franchise aka. Manny

The other day I was talking to my Aunt on the phone and I was telling her how I FINALLY saw “The Ring” on DVD after hearing so much about it. I told her how I found the movie pretty scary with the little girl and the whole basic plot of the video tape and she replied, “That movie was a dud”. I asked her why she thought that and she said, “It was about a tape right? What was so scary about that?” She then said, “Now Final Destination 1 and 2 was real scary. Oh and Jeepers Creepers 1. Those movies are scary.” I laughed because I don’t consider those movies she mentioned scary at all. Sure I enjoyed them, but to me I consider those “movies that entertain you while making you jump in certain parts, but have no after effect when the movie is over”. That’s what I call it. That’s not a true scary movie to me. Anyway, after talking to her for a while she told me that she really didn’t remember “The Ring” to much and needs to rent it again because she saw it a long time ago. She only remembers it was about a video tape that people watch and immediately receive a phone call afterwards saying that they have seven days to live etc., but that’s it. She also said, she saw it in the morning with the sun completely out. Right there I said, “Oh ok, that’s why…NEVER watch a scary movie in the morning. It defeats the whole purpose.”

Well, we talked for a long time agreeing with some movies that we both considered scary and some that we didn’t, but the reason I bring all this up is because 1) I need something interesting to talk about and 2) I would like to know what you all consider to be a true scary movie? Better yet, if you could create a top 10 list, what would be the top 10 scariest movies of all time? Well, here is my explanation of a true scary movie along with my own personal top 10 scariest movie’s of all time. I would ask you all to participate and send me an Email letting me know what you think, but lets be honest nobody is reading this.


Personally, to me what makes a true scary movie is the BELIEF factor. By that I mean, the belief that after you watch a certain scary movie you actually think that you’re gonna fucking die if your not careful where you go, or what you do, etc. That’s one thing that makes a TRUE scary movie. Think about it. Besides the obvious low budget and cheap camera’s that were used in the making of “The Blair Witch Project”, what made that movie stand out so much? What made that movie have everyone talking about it? I’ll tell you, the belief factor. That’s what it was.

Have you ever been in a big park at night and gotten lost in the woods? Have you ever heard weird noises, maybe it was some branches breaking or footsteps walking in the grass or whatever, but you were alone in the park, so it made you freak out abit. Well, I have. That’s some scary shit! And that’s why I’m smart enough to walk the park in the day time instead of at night, but for some people that do walk at night or do camp out in the woods this movie till this day has them believing that maybe there is someone out there waiting to kill them. And that’s what I like to call the Belief Factor. It’s the one thing in a true scary movie that adds a little realism to it.

Now to be honest The Blair Witch Project doesn’t even make my top 10 list incase, but I’m just making a valid point. If a movie has some type of belief factor to it, big or small, instead of the idea that its totally fake or fictional and could never happen, that movie will be on its way to being a true scary movie. So, remember the “BELIEF FACTOR” is very important. If a movie could happen, if it has realism to it, especially if its true or based on some truthfulness, its scary and the more belief it has the scarier it becomes. People often assume a true scary movie needs lots of blood, gore, and violence, but it doesn’t. Most times, making the viewer at home or in the theater THINK that something is happening when nothing at all is happening, is scary on its own. Its like playing with the viewers minds and keeping them with suspense the entire time. That is what is really scary. Remember that.

Another thing that makes a true scary movie is having little kids where they don’t belong, or acting real devilish for that matter like there F’N possessed or something. That’s scary shit! Why you ask? Lets put it this way, ask anyone you know whether they believe in God and more then likely at least one person will say, “No I don’t because whatever…” then ask that same person if he or she believes that there is a Devil and they’ll say, “Hell yeah!” I’m not trying to make this into anything religious, I’m just stating the facts and the fact is, whether we like to admit it or not the “D” is very scary! Even if we never saw it, we don’t fuck with it. We don’t mention it. We stay away from it! And people will always stay away from that subject and most times…believe.

Also if you’re wondering why I think little kids where they don’t belong is scary, remember “A Nightmare On Elm Street” and those girls playing jump rope?

Well I do, why weren’t those girls in School? Better yet, why the fuck was there smoke surrounding their asses and no one ever said anything about it. OK…so it may have been a dream sequence, but either way that’s some scary shit! Same thing with people dressed in costumes where they don’t belong, like clowns for example. Clowns are scary. Their definitely based on the “Belief Factor” since obviously they’re clowns out there that still entertain at children’s Birthday party’s. Well, the fact that some guy is pretending to smile all fucking day and be cheerful is scary in itself! I’m sorry call me crazy, but any person that’s that freakin cheerful and jolly has some serious problems. I like people that just tell me when something is bothering them. I rather just know when someone is pist off, not pretending to be giddy all day. Fuck that! That’s why when my friends tell me, “I’m sorry man, I’m pist yada, yada, yada….” I’m like, “Don’t worry about it, its cool!” Trust me, from my experience usually when people say something like, “Oh John is so wonderful. He’s a great guy everyone loves him. He’s always so happy and cheerful. He could do know wrong. etc.” That’s usually the crazy fucker you hear on the late night news that chopped his girlfriend into little pieces for not making his morning coffee properly. That’s the truth. So remember what you learned so far…

Belief Factor + Devil possessed kids + kids acting strange or being where they shouldn’t be + People in costumes acting happy all day or really strange = You better F’N run for your life because that’s some scary shit! Ok? Cool!

Oh and one last thing because I’m sure some of you are wondering… showing a pair of tits and ass in a movie or some girl having crazy sex is NOT required in a TRUE scary movie. Is it nice to see for us guys? Of course it is, but that’s what I like to call, “A great Bonus or a great benefit to making a true scary movie better” but, its not actually a requirement. I shouldn’t have to say that most true horror movies show women falling like a bunch of retards that cant walk. That’s a given. Unfortunately, scary movies portray women like their useless when that’s not true. I’m a man and I could easily fall too. When you’re scared shitless because some maniac is chasing you with a F’N machete, you forget to run with both feet. Its understandable.

OK enough of this…although I will add that having scary suspenseful music playing in the back ground will ALWAYS make a movie scarier, so that’s very important too. Alright now for my list…


Before I tell you my list, please remember that there are hundreds of movies to choose from, but I’m really basing mine on my childhood memories and what effected (scared) me personally when I was a kid and what I consider to be scary. If you disagree with me or simply want to add your own list feel free to Email Me, and I’ll put up a section for readers responses in the future, but since no one is going to read this like I already said, you’ll all have to agree with whatever I say and take it as fact.

#10. Children Of The Corn

C’mon…evil kids running around always makes the scariest movies and this one is no exception. I was going to put the movie “Phantasm” here in this spot because I felt that movie needed abit of recognition. I know it scared me, but if I had to choose what’s scarier between a tall man with a ball chasing me or evil kids chasing me, I would have to pick the kids all the way.

#9. Psycho/Carrie

How can these two classics not be in my top 10 list. I didn’t know which movie scared me more in its time, so I’m just calling it a tie. First there’s Norman Bates who scared the shit outta me when I was a kid. Everyone who has seen this movie remembers the famous shower scene the most, but the scene that stays in my head and is probably the scariest scene in the movie is Norman Bates talking to his dead mother who’s sitting on a rocking chair turned to the window, while being in a room full of stuffed birds. (I think?) That’s just freaky shit!

As for Carrie, anyone that could move shit with their mind for pure evil is F’N scary! I still remember the famous Prom Night scene. When that blood poured on Carrie, I felt so bad for her and then Carrie did something that most of us have thought about doing to anyone that pist us off when we were in School. She moved shit with her mind and all hell broke loose. That was just scary to watch the first time I saw it. I felt as if Carrie was gonna come through my screen and throw me too. Serious.

#8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

When I think about Texas Chainsaw Massacre I think about ONE man the most…Leather Face. Any maniac with a Chainsaw chasing people for the mere enjoyment is down right disturbing and that’s what this movie was. It had lots of guts, blood, and craziness at least for its time since the movie came out in 1974 (Before I was even born). The only thing left to say about T.C.M is, after watching this movie and watching the ending scene where Leather Face is twirling his chainsaw around screaming, while watching the only sole survivor escape in the back of some truck you might wonder if you’ve lost your sanity as well!

#7. The Shining

Ah, the role that made me love Jack Nicholson. I always heard that Stephen King, along with a few others, said that Nicholson's portrayal of "Jack Torrance" was "over-the-top", but I would have to disagree. Jack made The Shining what it was. He played the perfect crazy Mother F’er role perfectly! The way he slowly became evil as the movie went along added suspense and scared the shit outta me! Till this day there are certain parts of that movie that will remain in my mind forever. 1) The kid yelling….REDRUM!! REDRUM!! 2) Jack breaking the bathroom door down with an AX and screaming, “Here’s Johnny!!!” 3) The book that Jack was writing that said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and 4) The scene where the two twins are in the hall. That just scared me. Plus little kids riding bikes alone in a big mansion scares me, so put all that together and you have my #7 pick.

#6. Poltergeist

This movie came out in 1982, so I must have been about 6 or 7 the first time I actually saw it. The one thing I remember the most is the famous line said by the little girl…“Mommy….they're here”. And in part 2….”They're back”. What else can I say, I honestly didn’t want to turn on my TV afterwards. The chairs moving around and fixing themselves, the house being haunted. It just scared me because I believe in that shit! Of course what scared me the most about this movie was finding out later that 4 main cast members died and there might have been some Poltergeist curse. Urban Legend? No Curse, just coincidence you say? Maybe……but then again maybe not.

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