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by: The Franchise aka. Manny

#5. Friday The 13th

I could honestly say watching the FIRST Friday the 13th movie scared the living hell outta me. Don’t get me wrong the other parts scared me abit too, but not like the original. I know what you’re thinking, “but Jason wasn’t even the original killer in the first one. It was actually his mother…yada, yada, yada” and I know, but the one scene that scared the shit outta me and almost literally gave me a heart attack was the ending when the girl (Alice) just finished decapitating Mrs. Voorhees with a machete. Alice then goes into the canoe and falls asleep. The next morning, as she's sitting peacefully in the middle of the lake, Jason's deformed body jumps out of the water and drags her in. But it turns out that it was all a nightmare. That was F’N scary! I will always remember Alice waking up in the hospital and asking what happened to the little boy (Jason). Only to find out that the police didn’t find any little boy in the water and Alice then says, “Then he must still be alive”.

#4. Halloween

I think what made Halloween so scary for me, especially the original one was the “belief factor” that I talked about at the beginning of this column. Just knowing that in Halloween a crazy person COULD put on a white mask and actually stalk and kill people with a big knife is scary. Today you could even buy Micheal Myers own mask and wear it for Halloween. How spooky is that? The movie Halloween always had that eerie music too and of course that rockin beat which I have stored on my desktop. Halloween is just classic. Add Jamie Lee Curtis screaming her lungs out when she sees “the boogey man”, and you have your self my number 4 pick. Scariest scene of the movie for me: Watching Jamie Lee Curtis run to the closet and Micheal following her where she went. Micheal then starts ripping the door down when Jamie Lee pokes Micheal with a hanger in his eye and then stabs him with his own Knife he dropped. Thinking he’s dead she walks over him and walks to the entrance of the room turned around. In the background as Jamie is crying hysterically and trying to catch her breath, we actually see Micheal rising slowly again. That part was so simple yet so scary! That’s what makes a true scary movie.

#3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Many of you might wonder how, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” beat out “Halloween” in my top 10 list. Well, I’ll tell you….before the power glove. Before Freddy had his cool classic one liners and became abit funny he was down right scary. I didn’t laugh, I was left shitless! Those nails he had and that sound he made with them crept me out. I honestly couldn’t sleep after watching the FIRST Nightmare on Elm street. I really thought Freddy was gonna get me in my dreams, so I didn’t want to sleep. Plus I kept having that song stuck in my head. 1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…3, 4, better lock your door….5, 6, grab a crucifix…7, 8, better stay up late….9, 10, never sleep again. When a movie could do that to you, its done its job. Scariest scene for me is tied between: the girl getting dragged on top of the wall over her bed with blood scattering everywhere and the scene showing Nancy in the School Hallway seeing a bloody girl get dragged in a dead body bag. Nancy was dreaming and it was F’N scary! Plus what made that scene so scary was hearing the dead girl call out Nancy’s name…the girl said, “Nancy” over and over again.

#2. The Omen

I believe that any movie that has to do with Satan is F’N scary! I mean that…I’m not trying to be funny. The kid in the Omen scared me for many reasons. 1. he was possessed and I already told you about kids being devilish. 2. The movie was released EXACTLY on my Birthday 6/6/76. Damien had the numbers 666 scared on him. Take out the 7 from my birthdate and what do you get? Exactly, and those are the questions I use to ask my mom and dad when I was a little kid. My mom use to yell at me and tell me, “don’t ever say that!”, but when you’re a kid your just curious about a lot of different shit!

When Damien was riding his bicycle it scared me. The kids face just scared me in all the parts. The nanny killing herself in Damiens Birthday scared me. The theme music scared me, it brought down shivers to my spine. Worse of all, if you didn’t know just like the movie Poltergiest The Omen had a curse too. You could read all about it by Clicking Here. What else can I say…this movie is a horror classic, but there’s still my number one all time scariest movie pick that will even beat The Omen and that movie is… *drum rolls please*

#1. The Exorcist

Was there ever any doubt in your mind that this movie wouldn’t be here? This is by far the scariest movie I have ever watched. NO movie will ever be scarier then this one. I’ve heard a few people say they laughed when they saw “The Exorcist”. Laughed??? WTF!?!? I didn’t find anything funny about this movie. What was so funny about it, that it was based on true events? That a 12 year old girl was possessed by Satan? I’m sorry, but I don’t find that funny at all. When I saw abit of this movie for the first time, I wasn’t even allowed to see it. I never saw any scary movies that I could actually remember before this one, so I was just intriged by it. I snuck into my parents living room and saw them watching it. I looked at the TV and all I remember was seeing a girl vomit, twist her head completely around, scream out devil words and me running back to my room under the covers like a bitch! I never even saw the whole movie that day, I simply saw a quick part and I couldn’t sleep that whole night. About two weeks later I finally convinced my parents to please let me see it and guess what…now I know why you should always listen to your parents. That movie was F’N scary! I saw a 12 year old girl take a crucifix and stab herself in the private parts while bleeding to death screaming words like, “fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” If that’s not scary, if that’s not disturbing, I honestly don’t know what is.

I dare anyone to see this movie at night time alone in their home with all the lights off and tell me that this movie isn’t scary! To think that this movie came out in 1973. I wasn’t even born yet and they used language and showed violence and demented shit that has never been done in any other horror movie. Hell, till this day nothing even comes close to “The Exorcist” as far as scarring the crap outta me. NO MOVIE! Did anyone see the famous Spider walk scene? My god this movie is the kind of movie that makes you pray to God and go to church on Sundays. I’m being SERIOUS!!! And here’s a known fact about The Exorcist when it first came out, not only was this movie banned in places like Finland, but it caused widespread hysteria when released. Reports of fainting, people being institutionalized, and at least one miscarriage. That’s scary shit and that is what makes a TRUE scary movie. The “BELIEF FACTOR” people! As far as I’m concerned The Exorcist wasn’t just a movie it WAS and IS REAL and I don’t give fuck what anyone thinks.


So there you have it. My top 10 scariest Movies of all time. This was much harder to write then I initially thought it would be since I honestly think that movies like, “The Ring”, “Pet Sematary”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Hills have eyes”, "Hell Raiser", “Shocker”, “Childs Play”, “Scream”, "IT", “Night Of The Living Dead”, “The Blair Witch Project” etc. should some how be acknowledge, but like I said before writing all this, the movie’s I mentioned were the ones that scared me the most when I was a child. Also I didn’t want to write the top 50 scariest Movies, when some movies although real good aren’t a true scary movie. For anyone that actually took the time to read everything I wrote and enjoyed it, I thank you. If you would like to tell me your top 10 Scariest Movies send it to:

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