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Sunday, 18 July 2004

Loudly loudly loudly drowning out with noise

Topic: Lactose Incompetent

A weekend of coffee, wine, driving or eating, never concurrently, but always at least one of the above occurring at any given time. I had some facts I wanted to ignore, you see, so it was best to stay busy, to occupy myself, and avoid thinking about the last time I got my leg over.
On Friday night, I drunkenly slagged off Duch's choice of movie, loudly shouting that Nicole Kidman was too old and ugly for the part (Cold Mountain) until I passed out on the living room floor just before the big love scene, which is a mercy. The effects could have been unbearable. I have no idea how I got to bed, or who put those pyjamas there, but feh, it was comfier than a night in my clothes on the living room floor.
As I found out to my cost on Saturday night. I drove too late to get to Euphemism Town for tea, but texted a plea to save some pudding. It was several wines into the evening that I checked in the fridge and noticed it had been a birthday tea. I missed my own birthday tea! Still, large inscribed chocolate cake, and all, plus, more wine remedied that realisation. So I watched Empire of the Sun, loudly corrected everybody's interpretation because I'd read the book, drank some wine, Minority Report, loudly corrected the director's interpretation because I'd read the book, drank some whisky, Ed Wood, mumbled in time to the dialogue obsessively, drank some wine, The Talented Mr Ripley, loudly informed everybody what happened in all six sequels because I'd read every possible book related to the damn film, ate some more choccy cake.
At least I think I did, because I don't actually recall seeing or thinking about most of the movies. I do remember everyone else was in bed by one in the morning, when Ed Wood came on, so I had to play the game of I Know All The Words To This Movie on my own. But I certainly don't remember anything from "what these babies? Lost my front teeth in dubya dubya two" until dawn awoke me curled over a cushion on the living room floor at half five.
So I appreciated the consideration of the very manly-voiced butch gentlemen who phoned in giving me that extra bit of lie in. Albeit that when Brendan did the meme, he got bevies of Texan girlies ringing him - I didn't get any women, much less leggy Texans - actually, I'm somewhat suspicious about that now...
But I think I'll take the number down (I can try to make it look like an in-joke, something between just me and the weekend readers, don't you know).
I'm happy that it's one more little chip that makes this place less of a blog. Six days to go!
Best Blo'te of the Day So Far: Diary of a Glitter Splashed Britney Lovin' Lesbo
"Every time I venture out I always seem to stumble upon someone who recognises me from school. Of course that means they must grab me, pull me in all directions in some faux 'I love you' kinda of way and tell me how good it it is to see me as I'm left scrambling for air and a name. I finally remember who they are (4 years older, 6 years younger) and also remember never having exchanged a single word with them, ever. Yet here they are despereate to tell me bout there fabulous new boyfriend, their children and how they work in an office and shag the boss. Touched as I am to have these complete strangers reveal their lives to me, why choose me? Because I have a friendly, inviting face? I'm quite sure not, so what is it? Because they think in all their skinny and tannedness they are better than me? Maybe. But most likely it's because I will sit there and listen to their crap, take it all in, gasp and guffaw at appropriate intervals and even stroke their pregnant guts when instructed."

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Updated: Monday, 19 July 2004 12:48 AM BST
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Monday, 19 July 2004 - 1:59 AM BST

Name: lemonpillows
Home Page:

Well, I would have called you, as I was up, but you said you wanted someone you didn't know to call.. So I didn't.. Even though you don't know me, you've heard my voice before, so I guess that disqualified me from the 'who wins a sleepy conversation with Vanessa' competition, huh?

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 2:23 AM BST

Name: fridgemagnet
Home Page:

I was thinking of sending you a personalised Hilary Duff phone call, but then I realised (a) it was too late and (b) it didn't work internationally anyway.

I really have to check that the ones I sent got through.

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 2:40 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Who's Hilary Duff? Is she a leggy Texan babe?

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 2:52 AM BST

Name: donna
Home Page:

Mate, I can barely follow you anymore. Hope all is well.

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 3:59 AM BST

Name: chrysalis

If my math is correct(which it is often not) are 4 hours ahead of me. This means that a wake up call from me.......would be from either an incoherent half-asleep southern gal, or an incoherent 6 sheets to the wind southern gal. So, I guess if waking up to a female voice with a gravely southern drawl is your kinda thing....I shoulda given it a shot! ;)

I have never watched Empire of the Sun without tearing up.....Spielberg so should have gotten the Oscar that year.

Not liking the countdown need to rub it in!!

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 8:29 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Donna, you're either outBritishing your expat Brit self, or you've watched too many Britflicks. Only blokes call each other 'mate' and then it's a working class thing. I hope that's you butching up for me. ;)

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 8:32 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Chrysalis, you're welcome to call any time. I do voicemail when I'm busy sleeping. My time zone is GMT. It's +/- O, which is nice. I'm on holiday from tomorrow, and I shall be sleeping at about 4am until 3pm. :D

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 9:17 AM BST

Name: billy
Home Page: see - when I phoned you the first time I was on my own, the second time I was in the canteen having been accused of being a "billy-no-mates"...maybe I need to think about this - in public I am a butch talking, having-friend-pretending sort of guy and yet on my own I am camp...maybe it's time for me to "come out of the fridge" :^)...
...forgot to mention - you sounded tall (hungover but tall) :^)...

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 9:03 PM BST

Name: Kat
Home Page:

Cold Mountain - Pfft. We paid to go see that in the theater. What a dull, dull movie. The best thing about it was Renee Zellwegger's (sp?) goofy character. Otherwise it was as entertaining and engaging as watching paint dry.

Monday, 19 July 2004 - 11:03 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

Gack! I got suckered into reading it a few years back (when it was all the rage). Seriously makes me wonder what the masses look for in a book. I wanted to stab my eyes by the was sooooooooooo boring AND predictable! You could not pay me to go see the movie.

As far as a wake up call......I will need to figure out how to dial it. I would send a wake up text.....but I am not so sure how to do that either!! I am a complete technological ignoramoose. ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 12:17 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Ooh, good point. I think you add the double figure code that lets you dial out of your country (here, it's 00 or 01 or something), then you add the code for England (which is 44), then you take off the first zero in the phone number, then you send.
Yeah, that sounds complex, doesn't it. I shan't wait up!

Re: Cold Mountain - I know exactly what you mean - books that are all the rage are almost always mystifyingly bad. My problem is usually that I start ranting about them before I've read them, or when I've only read 40 pages. Somewhere on teh blog is the post I'm most ashamed of: sorry, Tybalt, not ashamed in the slightest of any posts about you - it was the one where I slagged off Vernon God Little, and praised the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.
Forty pages, see. Read to the damn end, Vanessa, and you'll find Vernon God Little is a work of beauty, and Dog is moron-fodder.
The Da Vinci Code is the big one over here just now. Okay, cute ideas, but - pfffft - that is one shabbily written murder mystery. Fortunately, the GBP escapes censure for the moment, as I've heard it most recommended by US bloggers so far, so I shall blame them for poor taste.
Although I'm reading the Life of Pi right now - a worse book I've not endured since Wuthering Heights, with a similar abililty to make me drop off every two pages. Can you imagine how long a book like that lasts?

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 12:18 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Ahhh, yes, you won the drunken New Year's Eve phone call, though, dincha? ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 12:20 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Lol, you weren't that much camper, or butcher. In fact you and Looby sound very similar. I didn't think Skeggy was north, either, so the mild but classy northern brogue was a surprise. And probly what makes me think you sound like Looby.

I sound tall! Hoorah!

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 12:20 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Phew - I agree completely. That Renee isn't afraid to show her teeth in a movie, is she?

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 6:17 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

Hmmmmmmm........need to remove the '0', eh? ;)

Having read all of the aforementioned tomes.......ironically, all them on the advice of others.......I, for the most part, concur. However, I thought that the DaVinci Code was a fun quick read. I did think that it was written on an 8th grade level........and written more as an outline for an actual book.......but I enjoyed the quick romp through alternate 'history' that it provided. Having said that.......I still do not understand the wave of popularity it has enjoyed. I guess I will mark it up to the fact that it is interesting.....and written on an 8th grade level. ;)

The Life of Pi falls into that catagory of book that I tend to classify as 'philosophy light'. Gently attempting to teach the art of thinking deeply and introspectively to those who've not figured it out on their own. Though there were some 'cute' moments......rather than leading me toward introspective thought, it lead me to sleep. Heh.

Big picture....what type of books do you tend to enjoy? I am a voracious reader and might know of a couple in your genre of choice you've not read. ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 6:19 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

Guess I won't be trying the 'drop the 0' method......since it appears as though you have dropped damn near the whole lot of them!! ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 8:46 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

The best book I've read this year is Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex. The best book I've had to study this year as part of my job was Birdsong, and last year was Antony and Cleopatra, although I think the former is very flawed.

I don't tend to react well to recommended books, I warn you. It makes me really really irascible when people suggest things for me to read - I cannae help it, I'm sorry! - because my job and my degree and my bookwormy nose all tend to mean people press their latest pile or torpid tripe on me whether I like it or not. I ended up reading shitty books that I hated for years to please them, until I grew a spine and told everyone who wanted to give me a recommendation to eff off.
Mind you, this is a blog, I don't actually know you, so I ought to be politer than in reality. So can you keep it short? :D
Largely I find I enjoy books where style is as important as content.

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 8:48 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Whoopsy! I got too much stick for being a Nidiot in putting my number up to do it again. Ne'mind - there's always the wake up email!

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 8:57 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

Hah! No need for politeness!!! I fact, I understand COMPLETELY. I too have suffered through absolute tripe on the advice of others. ;) Rather than sending suggestions to you on the fly........if I come across a book that seems as though it may fit your bill(or at least one that you'll not throw at me!) I will send it your way. Not as a suggestion mind you, but as a take it or leave it offering. ;)

E-mail! Now THAT is something I know how to use!!! I see strings of numbers as long as yours and I have flashbacks of Donald Duck in Mathmagicland. Heh. ;)

Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 9:53 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Perfect - thank you. I just found this site, that had me all hopeful, but it looks like a review site for Books That Are Blokey Or Shite. I shouldn't really be so rude, but grown bloggers can protect themselves, and I've had a coca cola, my synapses are firing on sugar overload.
You can find my e-mail address on the page you get to if you remove 'blog' from the URL.

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