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Sunday, 1 February 2004

The Swiftocratic Oath

My name is Vanessa.
I am hereby taking the Swiftocratic Oath.
By swearing this oath, I am forever sealing my rights to sit at home, do nothing, or anything, that I choose to do.
I declare my freedom from the pressure of people who call themselves friends to socialize, not to be anti-social, but to be myself. I am a recluse.

It is my God-Given right to sit at home, and I'm choosing to take that oath.
I pay $1,131.75 per month for my home, and there's nothing better to do with my home but sit in it.


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Vanessa/Female/31-35. Lives in United Kingdom/London/East London/Bow, speaks English and German. Spends 40% of daytime online. Uses a Normal (56k) connection. And likes Literature / Movies/Food / Eating / Drinking.
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Updated: Sunday, 1 February 2004 10:03 AM GMT
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Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 10:19 AM GMT

Name: jatb

I hope the move went ok. See you next week. XX

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 3:38 PM GMT

Name: The Rev
Home Page:

There really is no better feeling than moving in to a new place after months of hell. Having lived out of my car and in a couple of nasty places - really... they were nasty and the situations and environments defy description - from the end of November of 2000 to January 7th of 2003, I can honestly say that there is no greater joy than sitting down in your sparsely deocrated and furnished apartment with that first pint and saying, "This is mine."
Damn near brings tears to my eyes remembering that feeling.

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 5:07 PM GMT

Name: yidaho
Home Page:

You're in! Congrats. :)

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 6:51 PM GMT

Name: winnie
Home Page:

Neat oath. I will take it also, Neat link to Omega Darren, enjoyed it immensely. You have such great links.

My dog is doing better, Hurrah!!!!!! She is diabetic, on a new diet and the neuro thingy will get better in time. I am happy. I would have missed her.

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 7:30 PM GMT

Name: Legomen
Home Page:

Splendid stuff. You might have a bit of trouble explaining that to your boss after a few days no show but I admire your resolve anyway.

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 7:45 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Glad you enjoyed it, he's nuts, but a fairly good sorta nuts. I spread the good ones around - the 'Corpus' section is my favourite at the moment.

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 7:48 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Well, I am now. The landlady put in the most hideous sofa imaginable, to the degree that even she had to admit it, and has given me permission to burn it, after shame made even she rip the pink frills off of it.
It's super quiet, and there's no wires for the tv or hi fi, no phone, and nooooooooooo internet access. I hardly know what to do with myself. Have already pictured myself going insane in the pastelness of it all. I need to buy a really large, really violent dramatic looking painting, and fast, or I will.
Am sat in an internet cafe in Crystal Palace. I hope the cafe owner is on an invisible phone, because he doesn't stop giggling, except to sneeze.

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 7:53 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Blogging from INDIA! Wow!

Sunday, 1 February 2004 - 8:40 PM GMT

Name: yidaho
Home Page:

Take the sofa out the flat first, eh?

I hope you didn't put all your books in storage.. you may need them. :)

And get that temp abode (why do I always read it as adobe?) wired soon!

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 1:30 AM GMT

Name: Jack
Home Page:

I didn't know we were supposed to take an oath. I hope that doesn't mean I'm out of the club.

Oh, BTW, seems to me that as part of your new freedom, you should be allowed to pay your rent in pounds ;-)

Congratulations on your new place. Wishing you some well-deserved peace...

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 2:06 AM GMT

Name: Nursie
Home Page:

Gratz on the move! Now run around the city, throw your hat in the air and sing the "That Girl" theme song. You know you want to.
"Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes,
That Girl
Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime...
Is That Girl
She's tinsel on a tree...
She's everything that every girl should be!" Repeat until you want to shoot yourself.

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 6:39 AM GMT

Name: emma
Home Page:

Ah, I've taken that oath long time ago.
Congrats on the move!

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 10:04 AM GMT

Name: Laura
Home Page:

There's nothing better than doing what you want, when you want to do it. I pride myself on doing that every single day of my life.

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 6:26 PM GMT

Name: tess

Yay, you're in!!
See you at the weekend :-D

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 8:44 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

I might break my vows to try one pint just to see if you're right.... :)

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 8:47 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

I have to pay up on the old phone bill first! I have a web cafe 'Account' now....

It got way too quiet today and I had to wire up the hifi. Now I have access to five TV channels, radio, one CD, two books, and my BlogPad. Should last me till Friday. If I supplement it with cake.

Monday, 2 February 2004 - 8:49 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Ah. I was pandering to comments; sitemeter tells me two thirds of the readership are North American, so I was giving up the fight graciously...

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