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Saturday, 17 January 2004


I volunteered to judge the first panel of Bloggies (don't worry, they don't send you any in the categories that you nominated or could be nominated, nor am I about to say who's on the list), and it's taking forever.
The deadline is late today (very very late today, in GMT terms). So far, all I can tell you is that Asian blogs are fantastically well written, beautifully crafted things, whereas the vast majority of European blogs suck. Suck!
Don't you Europeans do anything? Get a hobby, for goodness sakes. Tell us about your difficult to stomach food preferences. The dodgy old woman who lives across the way. Tell us about your hangnail. What freakish fantasies you have about the vicar. Why you hate us lot when we come over as tourists and shout loudly in restaurants. Anything. Just go out and do something.
Right, then, time for a break. I'm off out to do something. :)

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Updated: Friday, 23 January 2004 7:10 PM GMT
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Saturday, 17 January 2004 - 6:05 PM GMT

Name: miss fee
Home Page:

hey girl, that is way cool. you get to read blogs and decide whether they are good enough to win awards! I could do that all day. Damn working.

miss fee xxx

Saturday, 17 January 2004 - 6:16 PM GMT

Name: yidaho
Home Page:

Well, woohoo for Asia! I'm happy in my sucky, non-prize-winning blogness. :)

Saturday, 17 January 2004 - 6:16 PM GMT

Name: Legomen
Home Page:

Are we talking comparisons of judging a Booker Prize type thing here or a Butlins 'spaghetti down the trousers' competition?

ps Charisma Carpenter is so out! ;-)

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:30 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

(Asian Booker and European spagbol.)

Ag, I had this argument in November on here.... Charisma is a goddess of melon proportions. I'll not have her dort pillows maligned on this site.

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:31 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Hey, you actually win stuff, though! Congratulations on being in this year's Guardian list. :D

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:32 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Lol, but you know I'll put a sucky up link @#%$! type comment on every single one of them.... eventually.

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:33 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

And British blogs don't count as European this year, fret ye not.

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 5:54 AM GMT

Name: Cyn
Home Page:

If European blogs suck so bad, I can only guess how the American blogs will fare.
Not that I really care, being Canadian and all...

(An interesting aside though, as I do live in the States. Asians, though perhaps comprising 5% of the general population, find themselves among the best students and musicians throughout the childhood age spectrum. For example, in my son's accelerated grade 6 class, out of 24 kids, 6 are Asian.
I think they have a vastly superior work ethic and it's cultivated from a very young age.)

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 7:42 AM GMT

Name: emma
Home Page:

(a european blogger myself)

well, what could i say to defend us:
we have perhaps come along late to the whole blogging phenomen,
or as in Finland where I'm from, most people write in finnish and we have a very tight knit community that way.

So my guess is that since very few european bloggers keep up with international blogs and write in english, there is just not those millions and millions of blogs among which you'd find the top writers. I guess like in everything, 99% is kind of boring but then there's that 1 % of brilliance.
Or they maybe they weren't nominated...

And there is the language thing. Like for me english is something I've only learned in school or from tv, and it is a third language for me anyway, so blogging in english, is a challenge itself.

as for the asians, perhaps they are just more talented!

ok. rant for the day over :)

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 10:57 AM GMT

Name: Jenn
Home Page:

i'm proud to say that i'm an american who's blog does not suck. an american, soon to be a european who's blog will not suck :)

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:37 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

The weird thing reading that is that in the UK, if you're 'Asian', you're Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi. It's always a wrench to remember that over there, it means something different.

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:39 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

I'm sure that could be part of it, but perhaps the real point is that the great ones weren't necessarily nominated. Certainly, some of the blogs on the blogroll here are as good as anything I've seen on the list.

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 12:40 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

I read the 'soon to be a European' and yayed. :)

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 3:58 PM GMT

Name: the guy sometimes known as wifflewi

Bah, them Bloggies, they will never get prestigious, unless they're named after some dead rich white dude, like the Pulitzer Prize or the Nobel Prize or the Oscars. Let's hope some rich media billionaire croaks soon so we can steal his name. The Berlusconi Prize or The Murdoch Prize... now that's classy.


Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 4:31 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

The Scorsese D'Or(dure)?

Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 11:44 PM GMT

Name: Looby

Yes, let's be fair. I think anyone who judges European blogs should be able to read at least two or three European languages other than English.

I know in my second language (if you can dignify my rubbish Portuguese with the title "second langauge") I have given up with reading blogs because they're qwritten in a colloquial style that's quite hard for someone at my level to understand. I can understand news sites and theatre reviews, etc., but people jsut writing about their lives - that can be quite difficult.

Monday, 19 January 2004 - 1:17 AM GMT

Name: yidaho
Home Page:

Heh, look - You're a finalist. Display your banner with pride!

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