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Statement of Purpose

I believe one learns theatre by experience and performance. Therefore, as a graduate of Drake University’s directing program, I believe that every effort should be made to advance my experience in the theatrical field. I hope to pursue a professional career with the direction and performance of voice over acting as well as work for the advancement of the arts in youth through theatre. My experiences with children in the performing arts have taught me how important theatre is in the developing minds of young people, and it is my goal to foster that development into a solid basis for life using my own experience as a guide. I believe a well-rounded background is a strong foundation for a life in the teaching and the performance of theatre. I worked hard to obtain this background through my collegiate experience. I am also gaining knowledge through volunteer directorial experiences by working with a variety of age groups in community theatres, equal-opportunity peer workshops, and intensive youth-centered productions. As a performer and an educator, I believe one learns so that the knowledge may be shared. As an advocate for the arts, I will share that knowledge with everyone I can to enrich the minds of my fellow peers and to be a positive role model for anyone seeking a mentor. My job is to embody a strong, focused work ethic as well as encourage creativity in all actors to make each one of us a stronger person with a passion for the performing arts.

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