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~Welcome to Moody Road Country Graphics~

I dedicate this site to my sister, Mae Hill, who passed away in November,2002. I miss her very much. 

Her camp is located on Moody Road, Effingham, NH. Hence the name: Moody Road. The camp is "up-country" as it is called here in NH. Yep. we call going to the White Mountains of NH ..."going up-country" SE NH, this term starts about Milton, NH (when you hit the foothills of the White Mountains) and encompasses pretty much the rest of NH! 

I live on a bit of our beautiful 13 miles of coastline. We are lobster fishermen by trade. Even though we have a very short coastline, it is one of the most truly awe inspiring bits of rock and sand that we are proud to say is Coastal NH. Many artists and photographers have captured the beauty of our coastline. It also abounds with history.

Our state motto: "Live Free or Die". Our capital is: Concord. Our mountains are: The White Mountains where our famous "Old Man of the Mountains" is a natural rock formation in Franconia Notch. The summit of Mount Washington is known for some of the most severe winds and weather in the world. Mount Chocura boasts a noted lake, rated #5 most beautiful lake in No Amer. If you are ever in this neck of the woods, I urge you to visit our wonderful state:)

I want to give my heartfelt appreciation to Lisa of LJGDesign for offering me the use of her HTML page set. Please take the time to visit her site. Wonderful designs by a very talented artist abound within her web pages. Thank you Lisa for this great tabled HTML design!


Added 3/15/2003

2 new pages of tubes and 1 new page of clip art! Check the site map on the right for the links.

This wonderful friendship heart is available at Bre's Tennessee mountain Home. She will make one especially for you and your best friend *S* Stop by and visit her adoption section!

Within my site are free graphics that you may use to create your own personal web pages or you may use them to create free pages for others.


You may use my PSP tubes to create your own graphics, but they must turn out differently than mine. Don't just change the color or size and call them your own. Adding to, taking away from or using to create scenes is acceptable.

You may NOT  use them to make a profit, add them to collections, call them your own or put them on a cd. 

You must have a family friendly site. If my little ones cannot visit your site and view safe content, then you may NOT use my graphics.

DO NOT link directly to my images on my site. This is called "bandwidth theft" and it IS ILLEGAL.

The rules for my tutorials are as follows:

  • Any graphics you create by following any of my tutorials are yours to do with as you please.

  • I retain all copyrights to my tutorials up to and including the images I use as teaching guides. All text is also included in the copyrights.

  • You may not copy them and call them your own.

  • You may not send them to others via e-mail.

  • You may not send them to groups without my express written permission. Should you receive permission to use my tutorials: all of my content must remain intact, including links back to me and/or logos, images, text and inferences (my laughs ~L~, my smiles*S*, my ~oops!~). In other words, do not change anything!

  • You MAY link to them via a text or logo link. Please link them to:

  • Please contact me to let me know where my link has been placed. I will then add your site to my resources page.

All the rules out of the way... now! Enjoy!

Welcome to my Country Home *S*

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 "Heart of Happiness and the Eye of a Child"



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I got my artist and "Don't erase credit" adoptions from Kountry Luvin Adoptions. Please visit Madgurl's site and pick up your own adoptions!


My "I love Country" and "Janes Toling n PSP" blinkies are courtesy of Bre web mistress of Bre's Tennessee Mountain Home. Visit Bre's site for wonderful adoptables and graphics!

My "Guard cat" was adopted from LJG Visit Lisa's site! You will be glad you did!