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Self Upgrading

             last update (5th Oct 2006)            

Power Point Users

Free on line lessons on Power Point 97/2000 at lets you solve computer-related problems simply by asking questions in plain, everyday language to access knowledge bases from leading vendors. 

Looking for WAV  Files?
Sometimes it is really difficult to look for suitable sites as there are hundreds of them.Here are some that I have found that are not bad. Try them out.

  1. Try Fun Wavs .com

  2. The Wav Sound Files Directory

  3. More assorted sounds

  4. Wave Central

  5. A list of sites to check out

Looking for Clipart Files or Animated GIFs?


  2. Angelfire gallery

  3. Discovery School 






Microsoft Excel Users    

JULIAN's Excel Tips
Here are some useful tips for beginers. Remember use Excel as a tool and not as a word processor. JULIAN's Excel Tips will be periodically updated with new tips & tricks.

Need some Add-Ins to spice up your Excel?
A wide range of add-ins & tools for Excel, Outlook, and other MS Office applications. Excel & Outlook add-ins -

Looking for great tips?                                                
Look no further. great site to subscribe to. It's FREE. You will get weekly tips on how to improve your Excel skills. Visit the site and subscribe. I personally recommend it. It's great for beginners and advance users as well.

Learn Excel via internet. Check out these sites teaches users how to use Excel quickly and easily
Excel tuitorial has explainations and examples

Need some macros tips? Try JULIAN's macro tips. This is a good place to start especially for beginners in Excel Macro Programming.

For more advance users try these links to Excel Developers on the Internet.

  1. C (A great amount of tips to learn)

  2. Erlandsen Data Consulting (Another good link)

  3. John Walkenbach's Excel Tips (A great author too!)

  4. Tommy Flynn's Excel Page

  5. a professional MS Excel Consultant

  6. Excel Business Tools - Excel templates for financial analysis and business decision-making

  7. David McRitchie Excel Page

  8. Excel Developer Links (a List of More Excel developers)

Google Groups
How about joining a Group? There is a lot you can share with & learn from Excel users all over the world. Just look at how other users solve most Excel problems and learn from there. This is a very good & highly efficient group to join. Please take note that this is for advance users. Definitely not for the faint hearted!    -    Microsoft.public.excel.programming.

To power up your excel with external add ins. Check out this site

Ever lost an Excel Password? Well you could try this link

Synkronizer is a powerful and user friendly Excel tool, that compares and synchronizes Excel sheets and Excel data bases ---







Microsoft Word Users

Need typing skills? Down load a free typing tutor to help you in your typing skills.

MS Word 2007 Starter guide at lets you solve computer-related problems simply by asking questions in plain, everyday language to access knowledge bases from leading vendors. 

Looking for great tips?
Look no further. You could check out this site by Microsoft.













  1. Need an Anti Virus? Try this site They offer a good & reliable software.

  2. BitDefender solutions provide Anti virus protection, a Personal Firewall solution featuring cutting-edge technologies such as Behavior Blocking, Parental Control and Privacy Management. Benefits include free removal tools, free virus alert & free online scan.

  3. Learn HTML to build web pages (the hard way!) Free HTML lessons here. Personally it's better to use software than using HTML coding.

  4. Midi sound files for you web pages? Try these sites

    1. Midi Audio Files


    3. Midiuniverse


  5. Publish your web pages. Try these sites. It's FREE

    1. Angel Fire


    3. Geocities

    4. Freewebsiteproviders (A long list from A to Z to choose from)

  6. Submit your web site to search engines to increase traffic. Here are some links where you can submit your web site. They take 2 to 4 weeks.







  7. Web page designing. Here's are some links with some tips.


    2. How not to build your web site 

  8. Learning Visual Basic? Try planet source code for VB codes.

  9. Download managers are useful as they pick the best path to download a file. To speed up the down load process you need a program that does just that. I recommend 2 programs that are easy to use. However if you are using Firefox, install the Down Them All extension. It's a great tool to download stuff from the internet. 

    1. Download Express

    2. Netants. To download visit this site or

  10. Freeware & Shareware. There are many sites where you can down load great softwares. Here are some of them;

    1. Top 20 Freeware Sites

    2. Free Ware Files

    3. Free Downloads Centre

    4. ZD Net Downloads

    5. No Nags




    9. Download Junkie

  11. Cool Freeware. Any neat programs I find will be listed here.

    1. Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox) / Email Clients (Thunderbird) from Mozilla. Firefox is much smaller compared to IE7 but is able to hold on it's own. You can get the portable versions at (see below). The best part is you can install  many cool extensions.

    2. A complete Web Authoring System (NVU) for Linux Desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. You can get the portable version at (see below).

    3. Portable applications needs no installation. The best part is, you carry it with you on your thumbdrive. Just go to any PC and plug it in and use these applications. Get your applications at

    4. BitDefender for Instant Messaging Applications (ICQ, mIRC, MSN Messenger and others) - free download

    5. BitDefender for Palm OS - free download

    6. BitDefender for Win CE - free download

    7. BitDefender Linux Edition v.7.0 - free download

    8. BitDefender MS-DOS Edition v.7.0- free download

    9. Mosquito Repellant - I don't know if it really works but check it out.

  12. A list of FREE stuff. Check out this site Freebie Directory

  13. Need to unwind? Try down loading free games from 



Submit A Link
Do you have an interesting website you think I should include in my Home Page? Or do you wish to exchange a link with me? Please email me giving me details regarding the website. I would be happy to include useful or interesting websites.


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