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Sound Clips: categorized | assorted

Animals (Japan) - animal sound clips; birds, domestic animals, wild animals and bugs
Animals (Sunsite) - 45 animal noises: rattlesnake, monster, wolf, tiger, hyena, gorilla, bat
Bathroom - and now a few sounds from La Salle De Bains; shower, flush, etc.
Birds - about a dozen bird sounds; kookaburra, crow, bluejay, chickadee
Cans - a few canned sound effects related to cans; garbage cans, spray cans, kick-the-can
Cats - about a dozen cat sounds
Classical Music Midi files - A large, well-organized collection, including: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Handel, Haydn, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Scarlatti, Schubert
Clicks and Beeps - very short sound files of various noises. Also some longer musical loops.
Domestic - about 25 home and garden type noises; shower, phone, door, hammering, typing, sawing, cooking
Doors - creaky doors, door buzzers, door bell, door knock
Emotions - people expressing their feelings with voiced sounds: yeah, wow, yuck, boo and lots more
Glass - glasses, dishes, bottle, plates and breaking glass
Guns & Bombs - machine guns, explosions, mortar and more guns
Greetings - about 40 voiced greetings, in English or Japanese
Japan Sounds - about 30 medium-length sound clips, assorted themes including music, combat, Japanese ceremonies and sound effects
Kitchen - a few kitchen noises; liquid pouring, cork popping, ice cubes
Music: Joe's Original Wav Files - a nice assortment of unusual sound effects and musical interludes. Lots of music-related sounds bytes.
Nature - about 15 lengthly nature sounds: fire, typhoon, rain, earthquake, thunder
Paper - a few paper sounds: crumple, tear and cut
People Noises - lengthly clips of snoring, clapping, drinking, laughing, walking, coughing
People Sounds - expressions and sounds, from 'groovy' to 'bummer' to 'back off man'; and some sound effects.
Sports - about 20 sports sounds from bowling, golf, car racing, diving, sumo wrestling, baseball
Star Wars
- sound effects and dialogue clips from the famous movie.
Street Sounds - about a dozen noises you might hear on a street (in Japan); lengthly files.
TV Series Themes - about 50 well-known TV themes from recent years and the past.
Vehicles - ambulance, bicycle, car, bus, helicopter, ship, crashes, more
Whales - yes, whale sound clips; eerie sounding whale cries

Artisto-Soft - 1,000 free sounds (as well as commercial products).
Japan: Sound Effects Index - index page for hundreds of sounds, many related to Japan, many with universal appeal.
Movie & TV - sound clips from well-known TV shows and movies.
Sunsite Sound Effects - well over 100 sound effects, small files, many inanimate noises: beeps, clicks, tones as well as human sounds, clocks and more; .au format.
Wav Central: Effects - a wide variety of short sound clips; about 75; includes such oddities as Tarzan yell, laser, antique car horn and more; .wav format.