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<< A Passion To Excel In All Things >>

This site is for those interested in upgrading their computer knowledge. Updates here will be reviewed periodically. Many useful links are available in here. Julian's Excel TipsJulian's macros tips for beginers. Click the image to enter Self Upgrading Page.
Here there are some basic  samples to show what Excel is capable of. Do you need a solution for your business? Contact me. There is no need for other expensive software. Excel is flexible and most users are familiar with it.
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Wall Papers Here are some photos which I shot. The quality has been reduced and some are re-produced from old photographs. Click the image to enter my photo gallery.


IT Training in the Office or at Home (SETIA ALAM / Petaling Jaya / Subang Jaya / Kuala Lumpur )

In today's highly competitive job market, success will determined by your ability in fully utilising the power of computers. Build that competitive edge over the others. Personal training available in SETIA ALAM, SETIA ECO, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Puchong areas. Learn at the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. 

I have been using spreadsheets for almost 20 years and have conducted computer training for over 10 years. What I can assure you is quality training with real life examples.

Courses available 

  1. Excel - Basic / Intermediete / Advance
  2. Excel - Charts
  3. Excel Pivot Tables
  4. Managing A Database in Excel
  5. Excel Functions & Formulas
  6. Excel Macro Programming - Basic / Intermediete
  7. Word - Basic / Intermediete
  8. Powerpoint - Basic / Intermediete

Age is no barrier to acquiring computer skills. All (kids / adults) are most welcomed. E-mail me today.  
You may also email me at this email address julian7_s @



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E-cards ~ Where do I go?
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Websites for Kids
1.    Dictionery for kids, just click on the alphabet a picture dictionary with links to
       over 1000 educational activities.
2.    Website for kids at Enchanted
3.    Kids Web

Other Miscellaneous Sites
1.    Looking for a job in Malaysia? Try JobStreet or  
Career Jet gives the job seeker access to a massive selection of jobs that are compiled from various internet sources.
3.    Job hunting via SMS? Try MJOB Malaysia mobile recruitment portal
4.    Resources for Personal Growth - Self Growth.Com 
5.    Essential skills and techniques to help you to excel - MindTools.Com 
6.    Online medical encyclopedia -
7.    Useful phone numbers in Malaysia (Hospitals / Utility Co / Radio Stations etc)

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Do you have an interesting website you think I should include in my Home Page? Or do you wish to exchange a link  with me? Please email me giving me details regarding the website. I would be happy to include useful or interesting websites.

 << A Passion To Excel In All Things >>