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Julian's Excel Solutions
Last update 1/1/2003

Business solutions can be created to cut down time, cost and increase productivity. Most organisations use Microsoft Office Applications. Therefore solutions using Excel would be cheaper than others as there is no need to purchase any other software. There is no installation process and there is no need to reconfigure your computer. Excel solutions would be easier to use as most users already know how to use Excel.

If you are in Malaysia and you need a solution, contact me and we can do business. Just let me know roughly what you need and when I come up with a viable solution, we can discuss more detail specifications. I conduct training in Office Applications as well.

Email me at or 

Click on the type of file you want to download (Excel or Zipped Files). Remember these are just simple illustrations and they are on trial basis and not for re-distribution. More files will be added on periodically. When opening my Excel files, please Enable Macros.


Excel File

Zipped File

Converting Numbers to Text [Currency]
(Malaysian Currency RM & Sen)
Usage - Cheque writer, Invoicing, Receipts
Calculations Using A User Interface
Usage - Anything involving calculations be it business or education.
Cheque Writer (23/2/02)
Instead of writing cheques manually why not print computerised cheques with ease. Cut and paste values from other spreadsheets to the cheque writer and print your cheques. Get compurised forms from your local bank and start printing.
Not available
General Ledger Manager (13/2/02)
Creates journals & posts to GL. An easy way to key your accounting books without any fuss. This version has no security levels which can be customised easily. 
Not available GLmgr.Zip
Payroll System (18/1/02)
Calculates EPF, PCB & Socso deductions automatically. Here there are 2 versions. The 1st one is without a transaction list, the 2nd one enables you to view the whole year's transactions. 
Not available

Education (Parent Assisted Program - 1/1/03)
Alphabet Game. Arranging alphabet order.
Not available
Education (Parent Assisted Program)
Recognising Alphabets with Sound.
Not available
Education (Parent Assisted Program)
Recognising Numbers & reading numbers.


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