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Although full of excellent hotels, private housing tourism has been increasing very fast for the past two years, since the Cuban government approved a law that allows house owners to rent rooms apartments or houses.

There are many reasons for this situation:

  • Get in touch with the truly Cuban people: If you stay in a big resort in a beach, you will never get an opportunity to talk to and make friends with the real people. You will only meet workers of the hotel and other tourists like you. YOU WILL MISS THE MAIN ATTRACTION OF CUBA, ITS PEOPLE.

  • Lower prices: It is cheaper to lodge in a private room than stay in a hotel. This does not mean you will be less comfortable, on the contrary, many people prefer this kind of domestic environment to the cold functionality of a big hotel.

  • Directly help a Cuban: By renting a private room you will be DIRECTLY contributing to a person or family's  stand of living.

  • Through regular interaction with the home owners you could learn or improve your Spanish.





ADDRESS:   San Julio No 117 e/ Enamorados y Via Blanca Santos Suárez Ciudad de la Habana. CUBA  Telef   ( 537 ) 40 50 36