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Rent a Room in Cuba    in    Private House

Why is this better than other lodging?

Some Tips

Cuba is a nice country and you can found the same kind of comfort like at any were.The water and food are healthy but you must remember this is a tropical island and when  you visit the beaches and landescape places have to take care whit the sun and the insect.

  • Them we recomended you bring your own INSECT REPELLET , STOPSUN  LOTION and LIP BALM.

  • Must bring also some ANTIHISTAMINE  and ANTI-ITCH spray.Other kind of Drug you can found  here except yours undergoing medical treatment drugs.  

  • When arrived to Habana airport if the immigration officer ask you: in where place you will stay?  you can answer: to the Private House and to show ours taxpayer numbers: (892-220 click here to print ours Data 

  • I suggest you should be mention to the taxi driver the route (Ave.RanchoBoyeros to Ciudad Deportiva and then take Viablanca st.).Is more and less 9 Km. In PANATAXI cap the rate is 0.60 usd/Km. 

  • Buy a map. 

  • Buy a pocket dictionary. 








Don't forget bring: 

    Coppertone Bug & Sun Banana Boat Kiss My Face Coppertone Bug & Sun Sea & Ski  


Bring Too

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ADDRESS:   San Julio No 117 e/ Enamorados y Via Blanca Santos Suárez Ciudad de la Habana. CUBA  Telef   ( 537 ) 40 50 36