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The Foals....

The foals that Fallen Ash Farm Star Spangled Hero sired are absolutely beautiful!

Cajun Farm Miniatures offer the best of care for our Miniature horses. With large pastures and stalls to accommodate them, they are turned out daily, weather permitting, and handled with TLC. All horses are yearly vaccinated, wormed every 8 weeks and most horses are on a daily wormer, and hoofs are trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks or as needed. Keeping every one on a balance diet and schedule makes them all happy.

We had our brood mares under camera at foaling season and believed in imprinting our foals. We made all our foals friendly and people orientated, which I believe will make life easier on them and their handlers. When leaving the farm, I wanted them to feel trusting and secure with their new handler and surroundings, which gave us a "peace of mind".

Pictured left, is one of our babies, Star Spangled Cajun Bit O Honey, all grown up! Honey has done us proud with her accomplishments in Halter and Driving.


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