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How to get the best possible psychic reading
by Lynda Archard
June 30, 2000

Thinking of having a psychic reading of some sort? Read this first because disappointment depends on what you expect!

Having worked professionally at psychic fairs and travelling all over England reading for every type of personality, plus teaching esoteric methods and theory for more than 15 years I am more than qualified to give you some useful tips. Whether you have had a reading or about to there are still myths that fly around like witches on broomsticks at Samhain!

Everyone has good advice. I hope to dispel some of the myths that have dogged psychics and clients alike so that you can get the most useful advice possible from a reading by understanding what is involved. Psychics are ordinary people like anyone else, not some all-knowing divine creature who knows everything. A psychic reading is not fortune telling, it is counselling using divination with a bit of divine intervention.

Relax and don't worry about the contents of the reading. We won't 'see' certain personal things such as intimate love problems. Spirits certainly don't want to visit you while you are in the bathroom and most readings are informative and practical rather than spooky and frightening. Our focus is on higher things and on giving you the best advice to ease your situation.

If you are drawn to someone for a reading then go to him/her and not the oldest or the one with the biggest posters. I can tell who is drawn to me when they walk into the room and their reading will always contain much more mediumship. They get that little bit extra than those who only came after recommendation or because I was the only reader available.

I have readings too and I would certainly think twice if a leaflet contains names of any celebrities who have had readings with that person too. Why do they betray their clients in such a way as to name names? And if someone has an obvious made-up name I always wonder what that person has got to hide!

Some people assume that mediumship won't happen if the reader uses tarot cards. Wrong. Tarot is like any other form of divination that allows the psychic to tune in quickly and easily and helps to give practical advice too. I am a natural clairvoyant medium and occasionally I get clairaudience and clairsentience. I can tune in straight away using tarot while psychometery can take an hour to tell you what should only take 30 minutes using tarot.
Other Myths:

1 - Don't tell them anything

If you are asked a question, a simple 'yes' or 'no' will make all the difference. Often you and the reader have never met before and neither knows anything about the other. You go to a psychic for unbiased advice and even if you do know the reader there are 78 tarot cards, with thousands of possible combinations, all of which can be interpreted in a different way depending on who is having the reading. Some cards have dual meanings, such as the court cards. A King can represent a person and has an astrological meaning. If you are asked if you know the personality described, and you don't, please say 'no.' Then it can be assumed that the card means something in the 'thought' stage and the reader will look at the cards in a different way and it will become clear. Your simple 'yes' or 'no' makes all the difference. Sitting with your arms folded and keeping your mouth shut means you are blocking me out and there is a strong chance you won't get a useful reading at all because both of us are uncomfortable. I pick up on your feelings and a negative vibration is a negative reading.

Sometimes people say 'no' to gain more information. I do understand that reasoning, but it means time is wasted trying to 'tune' in to get it perfect for you. If you do understand, please say so, I can then move on to the next bit and link them all later to give you more information instead of wasting the time that you are paying me for. I am not asking for your life story, so please don't say too much, I just need to know if I am on the right track!

2 - Psychics tell you things that apply to everybody

If you are at a psychic party or at a fair with a group of friends, there is a strong possibility that you all have something in common. You might all work together, be related to each other, or have the same hobbies. I don't know that when we meet you, and we can't help it if there are similarities in your readings. But there will be other things that come up that are personal to you and it might be said in a way that you know it was meant for you and no one else.

3 - The psychic didn't even pick up the most important subject in my life

Be patient - Let the medium use their talents. If what you came for isn't discussed right away, assume that Spirit wants you to know other things first. The counsellor will ask you if you have any questions at the end of your reading. Some things are obvious and easy to see, others obscure because it is karmic or you might not need to be forewarned. When you play your tape back later it will become clear nearer the time, it will help you with the situation while it is happening not confuse or worry you at your reading.

4 - I was told of a pregnancy

If you were told of a pregnancy, it could be symbolic. Meaning a seed or idea has been sown and, like pregnancy, it must be given time to grow and become your 'baby.' Many an older lady has given a look of panic. The tarot cards are symbolic and when I do mediumship it can appear in symbolic pictures inside my mind. Please remember it is you who will choose to become pregnant literally, we have no control over your love life!

5 - I was told I am moving and I don't want to

Fine, then don't move. It could be a career move or a move in your thoughts or feelings. When you play the tape back later, you will know what it was about. Did you re-decorate at that time? Change offices at work? Did you shift your point of view of someone? A counsellor will make it clear and a con artist quotes the meanings written in a book, taking it literally, which is only the authors way of reading after all.

6 - I was told I would be married next year

Marriage will happen if two things happen: first you must ask someone to marry you: second they must say yes. Marriage is a union between two people. Do you live with someone as married now? If a psychic mentions your partner then it refers to whomever you are living with as married. It could also be the union between business partners.

7 - An older reader is a better reader

Find out how experienced the reader is. I have trained people twice my age and most get more clients than the younger readers because they are assumed to be a better psychic. Older is not always wiser. Some twenty year-olds are much better at psychic counselling skills than seventy year-olds who have only been counselling since retirement gave them time to learn their new career. Talk to the reader and see how you feel about them before your reading.

8 - I was told there would be a death

You must remember here that a novice reader will be more panic stricken than you when they see this and a more advanced reader might forget to tell you that there is no such thing as death in our life. The death card must have other cards backing it to be a literal death of a person or animal. More often it represents the sudden end of something entirely different, perhaps the death of a bad situation, the end of a career or negative thoughts. Whatever it represents one thing is certain a new beginning is sure to follow. Sometimes we do forget that not everyone understands or shares our beliefs. But then not all readers are counsellors!

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