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The 6th Gundam

Brekke said nothing as her and Quatre headed back to where they had left their Gundams, and Quatre did not disturb her silence. He had thought this trip would lighten her spirits, as it had his. No, Trowa couldn’t remember, but at least he was alive. And happy, it seemed. Wasn’t that enough? He sighed. Not for her. To her, the Trowa she missed was still dead. That his body was walking around alive meant nothing. It was the memories that she needed. And those were gone, or at least hidden. But he couldn’t help the relief he felt in finding he had not, after all, killed one of his own comrades. The two Gundams came to life as their pilots started them, and immediately Noin’s voice came through their cockpits.

“Brekke, Quatre, the colony is in danger!” she said, and to emphasize her point, the ground beneath them shook.

“What’s going on?” Quatre asked, wincing at another quake. “Oz and the White Fang are fighting near here. If the battle progresses any farther, they’ll end up damaging the colony.” Noin informed them.

“But why?” Quatre demanded. “That’s insane! White Fang is supposed to be helping the colonies. Not destroying them.”

“Stupidity should be painful.” Brekke muttered to herself. And only to those afflicted with it. That was the major reason this war was even happening. All the senseless dolts of the world were the ones in power. It happened too frequently in the history of human beings.

“Brekke, I’ll be right back. You go on ahead, try to get them away from the colony. I’ll be back to back you up in a moment.” Quatre said, his face coming up on her communication screen. Brekke nodded to him, then transformed Guardian Angel into a cruiser and shot off. Quatre climbed down out of Sandrock and ran, back through the streets and the screaming people, back through the entrance gate of the circus, and to the tent where he found Catherine crouched protectively over a bewildered Trowa.

“You have to get out of here.” he said. “It’s not safe.”

“What’s going on?” Catherine demanded.

“There’s a battle going on between Oz and the White Fang.” he told them. “You must go somewhere safer.” “Why are they involving the colony?” Catherine growled. “All that the people here want to do is live their lives out in peace!”

“I know.” Quatre said consented. “Trowa, you saved my life once. But what you really saved was my soul. I know why we’re fighting now. I understand. And now It’s my turn to go and save some people. Goodbye, Trowa.” Quatre turned and ran, back to Sandrock. He fired the Gundam up and took off after Brekke.

Just outside the colony, the two Gundams fought to keep it safe. They destroyed any suit that was too close to the huge dwelling, Oz and White Fang alike. They were merciless. Sandrock held it’s huge sickles, slicing the mobile suits and dolls in half, while Brekke, in Guardian, drew her great double bladed light saber, slashing through anything within her reach. After their initial shock, the two warring groups turned their attention from each other to stave off this new enemy, but they were paralyzed by the thought of facing two Gundams. The mobile dolls were sent in, and Brekke cried out as her Gundam was rocked violently to the side by a shot at point blank. She angrily retaliated by burying the thermal beam straight into the doll’s chest. It exploded on the spot. Quatre, too, gasped loudly as shorted out electrical sparked in his cockpit as Sandrock was hit in the back by another doll. He turned as the Gundam stabilized and beheaded the mech. The battle raged on.

“Trowa, where are you going?” Catherine shouted, worried. The boy was slowly, determinedly making his way towards the exit of the circus. He paused at the voice and turned around. Then he lifted his gaze upward.

“They’re crying out to me.” he said, distantly.

“I don’t hear anybody.” she said lamely, and a little naively. She did not want to admit what he meant, even though she new. But Trowa paid her little attention.

“I must go to them.” he told her. Then he turned and continued his path.

“Trowa, are you really going to fight again?” she asked desperately. “Look what it’s done to you. You don’t remember anything. All fighting ever did was cause you pain. Are you really going to go back?”

“I have to Cathy.” he said quietly, with resolve. He did not turn, nor did he stop again. “They need me.” Below his breath, almost without thought, he added; “She needs me.”

“But Trowa…” Catherine pleaded. She realized the futility of it all and let it go. “You’re crazy, you know that Trowa!” she shouted at his receding back angrily. “You’re crazy!” Then her voice dropped to a muffled sob. “I really mean it, Trowa.” To her surprise, she turned once more.

“I promise I’ll come back, Cathy.” he called, then finally, he was gone.

Brekke slashed her way through mobile suits and mobile dolls alike. She took all the hurt she had been feeling and turned it into rage. Quatre fought with the firm understanding that what he was doing was right, was serving a purpose. They panted with their efforts. But the colony had been projected well. It boasted little damage, and that easily repairable. Quatre glanced up from a momentary rest, and focused on a bright spot, moving straight for them. At first he took a offensive stance, then he focused in on it.

“Brekke, look!” his joyful voice came through her cockpit. She raised her lowered eyes to her screen. He quickly sent her the image. “Over there! It’s Trowa!” The boy in the oncoming shuttle could be no other. She knew that thick shock of hair anywhere. She smiled faintly.

“Trowa…” she repeated softly, then she turned her suit about and continued fighting, a new vigor in her body. Quatre, too, seemed renewed. The remaining enemies were either quickly dispatched of, or had fled. The shuttle and two Gundam pilots docked on Noin’s larger shuttle.

“Trowa Barton. I can’t believe you’re alive. Everyone thought you were dead.” Noin said, smiling at the tall boy.

“No.” he said. “But my memory is gone. I don’t know how much use to you I’ll be.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We can use all the help we get.” Noin said reassuringly. “We’re all glad you’re here.” He glanced nervously at Quatre, who was almost beaming, then Brekke, who offered him a resigned but honest smile.

“Thank you.” he said. And then he felt sure that somehow, this was where he belonged.

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