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The [B.V.F.A.]

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The [B.V.F.A.] Files Library
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[B.V.F.A] Half-Life Site
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[B.V.F.A] Roster
The All new Website

Hey All, the site is relocating, we have a new site up and (mostly) running here

Listen up. The clan office has temporarily run out of funds and food. The clan shall not be running until 01/02/01. Thank you for your time

HI! Today we welcome new Member Shackles to the clan! He is a great UT player, an likes the clan skin!
Matomic Peace


New Members

Well here's the new look for now- textures handily ripped from Quake 3! If you have any suggestions, we'd love to here them!

More play time- Okay, we've recently got the TFC 1.5 patch, and it kicks ass, doesn't it? so, we'll now be playing TFC every Saturday betweeen 19:00 and 22:00, so come and join us if you fancy a game! [B.V.F.A]MB should be there, and so should [B.V.F.A]TB, the hardcore demoman from HELL! We might be using clan names, if not, then look for: M@tomic, Grenadier, Mental 911 and Bloodlust.
We should be playing at the following servers:
*MoD* Squad (Related Clan) IP:
*CMF* Training grounds.

New site is on the way. Just a few weeks/months to go. We would appreciate any offers for help running the clan.

NEW Unreal Tournament skin.
Yep, The bonus pack for UT has enabeled us to build a clan skin, which looks a bit cool. If you want it, e-mail us at the office. If you want us to add it to the file library, let us know. It's been made using animated Textures, and features elemental markings and faces. We can even customize the name of different skins for you if you e-mail us. The Skin works for the Male soldier model, and extra ones have been made for the boss model. (If you don't have this, then e-mail us, and we'll send you some text to copy into your User.ini file in UT to enable it.) Grab it while it's hot!

This is the skin using the [B.V.F.A.]MB (Matomic Peace's codename) face ,which is green. It is on the red team, using an animated texture for the body making it red. It is compatible with all team colours, and also the no team mode is a cool moving gray. The skin will work best on higher res games, but looks just as good on lower spec machines.

All textures move, giving it a electric effect, and the BOSS sample have Fire, Water, Smoke and Electric elementals. For normal Male Soldier ones, the current faces are : Red [B.V.F.A]C.E, Green [B.V.F.A.]MB, Blue [B.V.F.A]CW. Their are gold and grey aswell, currently named Piercing Gaze and Sniper. You can use these for your face if you tell me you want them. More screen shots on their way!

[B.V.F.A]MB (Matomic Peace).

If you have any suggestions for the clan page, send them to the main address.
Happy hunting,
Matomic Peace

Also, you may have noticed a new link to our page. It is to the B.V.F.A. Files Library. It has the latest 20 files for games like, Quake2, Half-Life, StarSiege:Tribes, Unreal Tournament, and other games. (Up-Dated daily!!!).

We're now using THECOUNTER.COM to monitor our hits, which will increase our security tenfold, so we won't be having that problem again:

Sorry, but we normally have a list of pictures for games, but it's hectic here at the BVFA office, so that'll be done in a few days.
The games we play are as follows:
Half-Life, TFC,Counte

Clan e-mails:

  • Matomic Peace (Codename [B.V.F.A]MB) :
  • ChrisE: (Codename [B.V.F.A]CE):
  • Mental 911 (Codename [B.V.F.A]CW):
  • Grenadier (Codename [B.V.F.A]TB): (tech)
  • The Clan office: