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Hi and welcome to the B.V.F.A Aliens Versus Predator site.

This part of our site covers every aspect of AVP online gaming. One word of warning though: everyone at B.V.F.A has problems with online AVP because it seems to us that their servers are down a lot, and the connection screens are fiddly. Here are some tips on working the servers:
1: Modem connection.
First go into multiplayer (You must not be in debug mode). Then, select modem connection. Then to join a game select 'join' and a box will appear. In the box marked phone number, type in the number of the person whose game you wish to join. It should connect then put you in the game. If you have problems or suggestions, e-mail us and let us know.
2:TCP/IP Connection
Select TCP/IP. Select join game. Make sure that you know the IP address of the computer you wish to connect to. Type it in, then it should connect and you can play. If you are hosting a game, it would be wise to e-mail your friends (or enemies) with your IP address.
3:Serial connection
This is good for getting to know the maps on your own, and does not cost money. But, you can't play against people unless your PC's are physically connected with a serial cable.
4:Play free on
This takes you to a website to play, but our links to that site don't work so we're not sure if it's any good or not. You can only do this if you have downloaded the patch to save during your game in AVP.
Online AVP
This game has lot's of online appeal, with each different player class requiring different skills. For newbies, I would say that the Predator is the best choice, with heavy armour and the medicomp, you should survive a bit longer. The marine requires some skill to use, and you should forget how tough humans are in Half-Life and Quake, because in this game, they are the prey. They Marine is the most versatile character, and has the most weponary, and can guard, attack, patrol and most importantly run away. But very slowly. The Marine is the human, so naturally the Alien and Predator move faster. The Alien requires the most skill to use effectively. It has no armour, and is weak, but has fast and deadly attacks, with no need to search for pickups. The fastest creature and the least durable, attacks must be fast in-and-out jobs, or the Alien will be mincemeat, even with the ability to climb over any surface.
Good luck with it, e-mail us with your speciality and let us know how good you are at bieng any one of the species in particular, and we'll use that information in our clan position monitoring.
Die hard,
from B.V.F.A.MB,

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