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Special support for those Suffering from Mental Problems from COVID -19

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"A Service for the CEO to Integrate Enterprise Technology into the Strategic Business Plan and Leverage Enterprise Technology to Maximize Performance and Profit Margins."

Special Projects:

*  "A Plan to Solve the Immigration Problem in the United States".  Click HERE to read the Plan.

* The need to pass "Lulu's Law" to end sepsis, a poorly diagnosed but highly
fatal infection that at least 1.7 million adults in the U.S. develop and nearly 270,000 die from.  Click HERE to read the fact sheet.

E-BMC Service

Serving the CEO's Need to Manage Enterprise Technology Based on Management by Objectives (MBO) and Return On Investment (ROI) Criteria.

Committed to the Development of Innovative and Contemporary Sales and Marketing Strategies Through the Integration of Computer Based Technology, the Internet, Web Technology, E-Mail and other IT resources.

E-BMC & America's Top Corporations

Dr. John T. Whiting (middle) with URS National Education Construction Services Director & colleague.

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E-BMC assists CEOs and P&L Executives

Dr. John T. Whiting presents information to CEO and P&L executives to help integrate technology into their strategic plans at the P&L level.

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E-BMC & Higher Education

Dr. John Whiting (2nd from right) with the President of Richard Stockton College and  senior staff discussing the impact on higher education.

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Information Technology As A Solution To The Economic Crisis

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