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"Your participation in the Festival helped create a lively and pleasurable day for all visitors. We heard many positive reviews from festival goers about your fabulous show - you’re definitely a crowd favorite!”

-Dianne Powell, Marketing Coordinator

2012 San Jacinto Day Festival and Battle Reenactment

San Jacinto Museum of History Association

"Dan Barth carries crowds with him to a past filled with entertainment. To do so, he uses magic, ventriloquism, and a historically accurate old time medicine show. In this way, he brings the past to life in ways both educational and fun - for everyone!"

-Maureen Brunsdale

Illinois State University’s Milner Library

Special Collections


"Dan Barth is a man with a passion for the Wild West. Great grandparents, grandparents, parents and children from all around sit on straw bales to listen and learn..... one of the greatest, most successful Medicine Shows I know."

-John Wagner


Sandwich Fair Association

"Dan Barth is wonderful to work with. It is a pleasure to have him at our festival!"

-Kathryn Lemish

Director of Entertainment

Johnny Appleseed Festival

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