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OEMTF is committed to removing, insofar as it is possible, abused, mistreated, discarded, exploited and/or fertile Mastiffs from the cycles of puppy mills/auctions. We are committed to helping these Mastiffs in every possible way.

OEMTF is dedicated to helping Mastiffs in need. We are caretakers of our breed. Our vision is, through our endeavors, to lessen the need for the very services we provide by removing the Mastiff breed from the cycle of puppy mill abuse. This is our sacred trust.

Thank you for visiting the Old English Mastiff Trust Foundation, Inc. homepage. Many have asked questions about OEMTF and we appreciate the opportunity to respond to the most frequently asked questions.

We make public the auction Mastiff pedigrees for educational purposes. These pedigrees demonstrate that auction Mastiffs have in their blood lines dogs from well known, reputable breeders who practice good ethics. Regrettably, it is not enough, sometimes, to be responsible and the most unlikely bloodlines end up being bred by puppy millers. The feeling of the members of the OEMTF and the feedback given by breeders is that having your kennel name appear in pedigrees of the auction dogs is offensive to anyone who strives to protect their dogs. It does not matter in which generation the name is a grave concern to us all.

All OEMTF auction Mastiffs are given to Mastiff Club of America, Inc. Rescue Organization whose policy is to neuter/spay as soon as the health of the Mastiff permits. Auction Mastiffs are neither sold nor rehomed by OEMTF. No auction dog is ever bred, once it comes into our hands. If a Mastiff is bred before being being acquired by OEMTF and delivers pups afterwards, then the dam is spayed as soon as possible after the birth of her litter and all offspring are altered as soon as MCOA Rescue deems they are the appropriate age.

Many have asked if buying Mastiffs at auction encourages millers and sellers to produce more dogs. The real answer is that the people who sell at auction don't care where these few dogs go. Their interest is simply to get rid of them for some compensation. The market and "real money" is not the auction. The real market for this industry is the puppy mill which mass produces to supply pet shops. When dogs go to auction, it is normally because someone is getting rid of their breeding stock or closing their operation. There is no profit in producing dogs for auction on an on-going basis. These dogs are only foundation stock for mills...but not where the millers make their money.

So, based on this, the answer is no. OEMTF purchasing Mastiffs does not encourage production. Remember, the dogs are already at auction and that means someone will buy them. If we buy them, they go to MCOA Rescue and are neutered/spayed. If someone else at auction buys them, they stay in the cycle, are bred and their offspring will be mistreated and exploited, and continue to produce more puppies.

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