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Pedigree: The St. Louis Starved Five

These Mastiffs were rescued from a puppy mill in Warren County, Missouri.

We thank Donna Dick for making these graphic photographs available to us so that we can bring reality to your home.

Yes, folks, these pictures are hideous and grusome and sad and this is reality. These are noble representatives of the breed of Mastiff, Gentle Giants, the KINGS OF DOGDOM. More than likely some of these Mastiffs were parents to those sweet, adorable puppies that were sold at pet stores.

The physical condition of these animals has been described by the members of the Humane Society of Missouri as the worst case of starvation they have ever seen where the starved animals actually survived their ordeal.

Two of the dogs have since died untimely deaths, Moose and Heidi, a sweet brindle bitch. Poor Heidi's body actually started eating her hip bones. These sorts of things happen with extended long term starvation.

One of the other bitches, a fawn and the youngest, still almost a pup when she was rescued, has horrible teeth. Really soft enamel. If the folks that have her and love her could afford it they would have extensive dental work done, but the cost is out of the question for them.
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