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Leland Burbank, Cherif Fortin, Fabio, Rob Ashton-Click on Photo for Leland to see Romantic Times Write up on them under the Cover Models section's Love Quote of the Day

There are several things that will make me pick up a romance novel and read it. There is the wonderful story that unfolds the minute that I open the cover, there is the far away places that the words inside take me too, there is the heroes and heroines that become a major part of my life until I turn the last page and read the last word.

Another factor of why I pick up a romance novel, a factor that does not hurt, is to have a gorgeous guy on the front who makes you wish that you were the one in his arms, kissing his lips. It also does not hurt that the guys on the front of the novels are real guys, real guys who treasure things like their little girls as Cherif Fortin does. The more I read about this guy the more I like him:o)

When I first made this page I decided to make it as a dedication to my love for Amanda Ashleys vampire novels. They bring such a great touch of supernatural to the romance world that you find yourself wishing you could be the one that Gabriel is looking out for, the one that Rayven is in love with. The books are still a big part of this page but I was also inspired by a friend of mine to extend my dedication to the awesome guys who grace the covers of the books that I like so much. My thanks is extended to these dark, mysterious men who done the cloaks and the mystery making me believe once again in true love and the provocative appeal of a mysterious vampire lover.

Here is my challenge to you, help me find out who the guys are who are modeling for each cover. I have a good feeling that Cherif is one of them which is one of the reasons why I added an extra page about him and I know that Fabio is the model for Sunlight Moonlight. If you know who the other guys are, let me know, we may even be able to work out a trade with some of my wide collection of romance novels:O)

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Below are some of the book covers of the vampire romances by Amanda Ashley. I have read each one probably about ten times. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, you can always purchase them at:
Barnes and

There are also Darker Dream and the Captive under Amanda Ashley. Both I highly recommend!

Thank you Amanda and your mysterious heroes that grace the covers of your novels. You will always hold a special place in my heart as well as on my bookshelf!

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