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March 2000  Volume II, No. 1

Salamanca, Spain
The aptly named (from left) Casa de las Conchas (the House of Shells), the renowned Plaza Mayor, Catedral Antigua (the Old Cathedral) and Catedral Nueva (the New Cathedral) are among the most visited sites in Salamanca. Other frequently visited sites include the beautiful stained-glass art museum, the Casa Museo Lis, and the ancient Roman Bridge.

alamanca (1988 est. pop. 159,000), located on the Tormes River in west central Spain, in León, was taken by Hannibal in 220 B.C. Later, the city was held by the Romans, Visigoths, and Moors (8th-11th cent.). Its university (founded early 13th cent.) was world famous. Among the city's landmarks are the colonnaded Plaza Mayor, a Roman bridge, and a 12th-century cathedral. Food processing and tourism are its most important industries.

Join us as we journey to Salamanca .

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Eyewitness Travel Guide: Spain
by Deni Bown

Reviewer: from Atlanta, GA
October 6, 1999

Eyewitness Travel Guide: Spain

This book is wonderful and visually exciting! Its color pictures, maps and legends to historical sites make it a "must have" for travel to Spain. But what is even more exciting is the timeline detailing the country's history, from being part of the Roman Empire to Moorish influence, right up to present day. Among the myriad of covered topics, there are souvenir and shopping recommendations, information on medical care, a calender of festivals, and even a weather guide. The indispensable information and the sheer beauty of the book make it a real page turner. You're not bogged down by too long explanations or endless rambling. It whets your appetite for the culture and doesn't let you down. Going to Spain? Don't go without this book.

The New York Times
Each book is a visual as well as informational feast about a particular place.

People Magazine
Want to know where to get a great espresso on your way to the Uffizi? Or how much to tip a hotel maid in New York City? Try these travel guides, each an intricate trove of 3-D aerial views, landmark floor plans, color photos and essential eating, shopping and entertainment info. With titles covering Paris, Prague, and London, these pocket-sized guides are like a Michelangelo fresco: deliriously rich in detail. read more

US News & World Report
Both novice and experienced travelers will be captivated. read more

Chicago Tribune
The most graphically exciting and visually pleasing series on the market.

You can order it right here.

Salamanca 1812: Wellington Crushes Marmont (Campaign Series)
by Ian Fletcher

Salamanca. gifNo book reviews available.

Nevertheless, you can order it right here.

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