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The purpose of the Upswing Program is to provide youth and their families with an avenue for resolving problems they may be having before the situation reaches the state where court involvement would be necessary.

What is Upswing?

Upswing is a secondary prevention program designed to assist youth and their families in resolving problems which have gone beyond the families' capabilities of managing alone.

The main goal of the program

is to prevent families from

having to seek court

intervention with their

at-risk youth.

It is completely voluntary and, in order to be sucessful, must have the complete cooperation of both child and the family. This program is offered at no charge to the family.

What Services Does The Upswing Program Offer To Its Clients?

Who Is Eligible For The Upswing Program?

This is a voluntary program. Referrals are accepted from the family, the school, the police or other community agences.

Upswing serves children ages 6-17.

The eligibility guidelines listed below are guidelines only; each case will be decided upon individually.

Criteria For Eligibility:

Criteria for Ineligibility:

What Happens In The Upswing Program?

Once a referral is received, the family will go through an in-depth intake and assessment process. Information will be gathered from the youth, the family, the school and other involved agencies. Once it has been established that the Upswing Program Counselor to develop a list of goals and objectives. The Upswing Counselor will then work intensively with the family for a period of three months in order to reach these goals. At the end of that time, a re-evaluation process will occur and one of two things will happen. Either the family will be making progress, in which case the Upswing Counselor will begin to disengage, or the family will be making little or no progress, in which case more indepth measures will be recommended.

The Mission Statement Of The Youth Services Bureau

The purpose for which the Youth Services Bureau was established is to provide programs and services aimed at preventing juvenile delingquency and empowering youth. Programs and services will emphasize accountability, education, decision-making skills and self-esteem development in a positive, non-judgemental and confidential atmosphere. Programs and services will be cost-effective and focus on reducing or preventing court intervention and placements. The Youth Services Bureau will promote, maintain, and develop relationships with cities and towns within Belknap County and will work effectively and professionally with outside agencies and volunteers. The Youth Services Bureau is committed to being an advocate for today's youth and seeks to improve the quality of life of children and youth-at-risk in the Lakes Region.

Other programs offered through the

Youth Services Bureau include:

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