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The Challenge Course

An educational, communtiy-based, early intervention alcohol and other drug abuse prevention program serving New Hampshire's youth ages thirteen through eighteen.

Why the Challenge Course?

The Challenge course is designed as a resourse to families an the institutions that impact on teenagers includeing schools, law enforcement, the courts, and youth services bureaus. It is a community-based service for kids with substace abuse-related trouble. This program serves as an early intervention for those who are at risk, and intends to prevent the progression of substance use/abuse. It provides youth an opportunity to learn more about alcohol and other drugs while they explore their own relationship with substances.

Course Goals

Completion of the Course

In order to sucessfully complete The Challenge Course, participants must meet the following expectations:

1. Attend an intake interview.

2. Attend six consecutive sessions.

3. Participate actively in group discussions.

4. Complete homework assignments.

5. Pay all course fees.

6. Complete exit interview.

7. Commit to abstention from alcohol and other drugs for duration of the program.


The Challenge Course has been developed for teens between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. Specifically, it is for those teens who have encountered some type of trouble in which alcohol and/or drugs have played a part.

Referring young persons to the program does not identify them as alcoholics or drug addicts. The Challenge Course is ideally suited for teens who are beginning their involvement with substances. The Course's intent is to intervene early to curtail further involvement and trouble. This is an educational program, not a treatment or therapy group.

Course Facilitators

All facilitators have participated in The Challenge Course facilitators' workshop. They have a working knowledge of substance abuse issues and adolescent development. They have experience and expertise in working with teens and have an understanding of group dynamics and process.

Each Challenge Course is facilitated preferably by a two-number co-ed team.

Course Structure

The Challenge Course is a structured, yet flexible fifteen hour curriculum including informal presentations, individual exercises and small group work. It is most commonly completed in six sessions, which is designed to maximize participation. In addition, each group member will undergo an intake interview determining eligibility and an exit interview during which follow-up services may be encouraged to be present whenever possible.

All group sessions are confidential.

The Challenge

1. To remain free of alcohol and other mood-altering drugs for the duration of the program;

2. To assess my relationship with alcohol and other drugs;

3. To openly discuss with the group my progress with the previous two challenges and any issues that arise as a result;

4. To apply the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in The Challenge Course to make positive changes;

5. To participate in follow-up help if I require assistance in meeting these challenges.


Each participant will be charged a

fee of $75.00. Scholarships may be

available in cases of financial need.




Referrals may be made by any human

service organization, law enforcement

agency, individual or parent within

the service area.