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Ubergoo Enterprises


*PLEASE NOTE: This site is going through a major change!*
*New, Exotic and Fabulous Things will be available soon!*
*Watch this space!*

In the meanwhile, we are still making e-gold available:


e-gold is an electronic currency, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage. The use of e-gold facilitates instant payment and exchange in multiple national currencies, combining the convenience of electronic currency with the security of being backed by precious metals. Other e-metals issued are backed by silver, platinum and palladium.

Also, check out the "Other Good Stuff" page for links to the commercial sites of some Individuals that we like and think that you will, too.

Please stop by frequently, as we plan to add more extremely interesting and beneficial products and programs in the future.

Horngate Lifeware Technologies
Black Orchid
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Other Good Stuff